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All about our ASC

On the 18th April 2017 we opened our after school club, This provides Wensum Junior School and Nelson Infant school children after-school provision from the end of the school day until 6pm.

The children arrive at club and are offered a piece of fruit and have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys, read, do craft activities, homework, play games or they can play outside in our designated safe outdoor area. Each member of staff plan a different activity each day to give the children an adult led activity to choose if they wish.

Nelson children are walked to Wensum by a ‘walking bus’ and Wensum children make their own way to club through the school.

At 4.30 the children get together for a snack tea, which includes a choice of sandwiches, crackers, breadsticks, fruit, vegetables, and other options. If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements we take this into consideration and always ensure there are options for your child.

After this the children are free to choose whichever activities they wish to participate in until they are picked up.

Sessions cost £7.50 per child which includes food and drinks, Water, squash and milk will also be available at each session.

You can contact Kimberley Stevens for any Afterschool club enquiries, please email or call 07483 104 494

Please fill these out and return to the school office prior to your child starting at afterschool club.

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