We are Artists and we ROCK!

Wow! What a weekend! It’s been an incredible journey for all involved and this weekend, we saw it all come together in magnificent style. The vibrancy and boldness hit me as I entered the exhibition space and everywhere I turned there was something new to examine and applaud. The children have been such wonderful art practitioners and I speak on behalf of all the staff when I say that we couldn’t be more proud of their confidence with materials, their independence in decision making and their execution of their final pieces. Here is a small selection of the work in case you didn’t get a chance to come see us this weekend, but many thanks to those who did come to view, we hope you were blown away by their incredible commitment to their projects. Wensum Junior artists, you indeed ROCK as always!

Our show is ready!

Today was the day all our plans came together and our art work was installed at The Undercroft Gallery. We finally get to see our dioramas, lighting effects and soundscapes come together in quite a unique way and we can’t wait to share it with you in person! Don’t forget to come visit our exhibition on either Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th July between 10am and 2pm.

Year 5 trip to The Undercroft

Our exciting week continued as we ventured into the city to visit our exhibition space for our up and coming show. We were delighted to meet an actual artist named Gennadiy Ivanov who spoke to us about his show and we also had a wonderful time exploring the space, trying to imagine our own creations within the gallery. We are so excited to be showcasing our dioramas next month!

Reviewing our work so far…

We had a fabulous session this week where Yeti class and Pixie class showcased their dioramas to one another. There was some careful questioning, plenty of confident replies and children had a brilliant time exploring others work in detail. The highlight of the session was when the children recognised that some groups needed help to construct and progress with their ideas and therefore offered their services. Our afternoon involved new and exciting collaborations! Well done Year 5, great team work!

Diorama decision making in Year 5!

In year 5, we have been busy making decisions and developing our dioramas. We have been working collaboratively, taking on board other’s ideas and working them in with our own. Our afternoons have been a hive of activity and we are super excited to unveil our creations to the public!

A view through the portal

Year 5 decided to continue the excitement of exploring Surrealism from last week and altered Grayson Perry’s theme this week from ‘A view through a window’ to ‘A view through the portal’ – and the ideas for our art show have been flowing!

We spent a lot of time in the art room this week, developing our project plans, preparing our dioramas and creating our class collaborative collage portal piece. We spent time preparing a variety of materials to create a textured interpretation of a portal into another world as well as successfully creating texture in our painting using dowel and ends of paint brushes. As our final piece will be an installation, this week we will discussing how we can incorporate our 5 senses into our work.

Creating our own Art Gallery

Today was a super busy day in Year 5. We recognized that our art work was pilled up high around the classroom and we decided to organise it! First, we separated our experimental pieces from our final pieces and either filed them in our art folder or added them to our class sketchbook. Next, a team of us spent the afternoon in the corridor, re-backing display boards using our maths skills to measure and problem solve. We decided on board themes and chose pieces of work carefully. We were so surprised at how much we had created over the last few weeks! Our drawing continued inside the classroom as we finished off our surreal worlds. We also worked on a plan for our week in the Art room next week so watch this space for some exciting news on our Art exhibition production!

This is surreal!

Over the last two days, Year 5 have been looking at the Surrealist art movement and in particular, Salvador Dali. We gathered his common themes and began creating our own dream inspired drawings. We worked in a range of sizes and used a mixture of biro pen, pencil and inks. We then made a start on our own Art gallery in the corridor! So far, we have tacked up our creations as we are still working on them, but soon we will explore ways in which to exhibit our work within the space.

Kacper explains the elements of his surrealist drawing.

Adventures in the Art room!

We had a fantastic day in the Art room today. We had the sun flood in through the windows whilst we made the most amazing clay sculptures. We carefully handled and sculpted our Rainforest animals, taking care to add texture and pattern to our pieces using our tools. We then finished off applying Modroc to our landscape and even began to explore next week’s theme in a series of drawings. This afternoon, we transformed our Rainforest by mixing rich colours and sponging them onto the structure. We can’t wait to add our animals once they’re dry!