Jack and Harvey’s Eco Pledge

Recently Harvey and I have made lots small videos to put together into an Imovie for our project which is about using social media to promote the profile of our Eco pledge. We believe passionately about Wensum becoming a proper eco school. Our video shows how much Wensum junior cares for the environment and what we propose to do to get our eco profile. We need to make this change for the benefit of our planet. You will find our video on our school Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the school website. ENJOY OUR VIDEO!

ps: please share our video on social media so that our message can be spread as wide as possible.

From Jack and Harvey

Yeti class.

Yeti class debate – Should Plastic be banned?

Today, the Bioplastic team organised a class debate. There were two teams (the affirmative and opposing team) a speaker and an audience. We had never done it before and we think we did really well! We were shy in our first attempt, relaxed in our second and passionate in our third! We can’t wait to do it again! Well done Bioplastic team!

From Jack and Isla

Yeti class

yeti plans for tomorrow!

Yeti have taken over the classroom [Jo has no job!!!!!] lol

today we re-focused on our driving questions, delved deeper into our research and some of us set up our investigations in class.

tomorrow, Chloe will be conducting her paper audit across y5 and the Bioplastic team are going to set up a debate room with the motion “Should plastic be banned?” We are looking forward to our voices being heard!

From Lily and Charlie

Yeti class :]

Zoom with Cata from Re- Source

Year 5 had a zoom call with the owner of a local ‘Zero’ waste shop today. Cata, who runs the shop with her husband and daughter, explained that the huge effort that is needed to keep the shop going is worth it as she knows she’s doing an amazing thing for the community and the planet.

We asked her questions about how well her business is going and what she enjoyed about running the shop.

Here are some of our questions we asked her :

How long have you had an interest in creating a ‘Zero waste’ shop?

Well, since i was your age really! Around 9-10 years old.

Do you get the same people or different people in your shop as customers?

I see some of the same people. Some people start out by buying a few things and after a couple of visits they are buying a lot more. Some people just pop in for sweets!

Do you have containers for customers who come in without jars?

Yes! We use paper bags but the more people come in the more they bring their own.

Is it difficult without plastic packaging?

It can be but we work with wholesalers who have the same outlook as us. We have deliveries with as little plastic as possible but we do actually accept Bioplastic as long as it’s the compostable kind!

We also gave Cata an insight into our Science project ideas which she was impressed with.

Cata answered a huge amount of questions and even invited us in to say hello if we were passing!

Yeti Project Research – Day one

Today was full of excitement. We read an interesting article about the importance of recognising the hope that environmentalists have of changing our future for the better where we can involve our whole community to make a difference. From this, we discussed how our projects would look in our groups, decided on Driving questions and spoke about the pros and cons of internet research. We have so many amazing ideas to explore!

We learnt how to use the highlight tool in word and collated our research using sub headed questions.

We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!