A surprise visitor

Today we had a surprise visitor. He or she is a rescue hedgehog! We were lucky enough to have him to visit before he goes to the rescue centre. We hope he will come back to us with a mate when he is heavy enough to hibernate without help. It was fantastic to see a real hedgehog after studying their habitat and food web.

Planning for making a change

We have been focusing on making a positive change to our school site in order to improve biodiversity around us. We have been outside today photographing the specific places where we are making our changes.
We have some very exciting plans including: birdhouses, squirrel’s homes, new and diverse pond plants, wildflower planting and wild areas.
We will keep you posted as our projects develop.

Day 2 – site investigation

Today we investigated all over the school site to find ways to improve the biodiversity around us. We looked at the ways in which different parts of the school are promoting and preventing biodiversity. This will help us with our plans for our project. We’ve already got some amazing ideas! Watch this space for more updates.