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Circus skills Year 5: 2019 - 2020

9.10.19 Year 5 Circus

Today started off by warming up and playing some games. Then we practiced straight jumps and forward rolls, we are getting better quickly and are building up to amazing things. We finished off by practicing our pyramids (we can do three layers now). We are looking forward to the weeks that come.

Wednesday 2nd October: LiT return for circus skills

Annabel, Lawrence and Andy return for the second circus skills sessions with Year 5.  A few adjustments were made to the groups following the first session last week before the three groups separated and got to work. Warm ups, stretches and games to start then core skills, tumbling and then acrobalance and pyramids to finish. […]

25.9.19 Year 5 Circus

We are really lucky this term, we are going to work with Lost in translation all autumn term on our circus skills. Today was brilliant we played games to warm up and help our concentration. Once we had done that we started to learn some different skills such as how to hold a box position […]

Wednesday 18th September: Y5 start circus skills

Year 5 will be doing circus skills this term. They will be working with coaches from Norwich-based circus company Lost in Translation for a 10 week block developing the circus and performance skills they started last year.  The course was launched with a visit to Oak Circus Centre on Coslany Street where LiT are based. […]