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Year 4 cooking Friday 12th October

This weeks recipe was vegetable pizza. Lots of skills were needed to make this tasty treat. The children had to grate cheese, slice and chop peppers, knead dough then roll it out and then finally top it off with yummy cheese and vegetables. This was definitely a hit with children AND staff!!

Year 4 Cooking Friday 5th October

This week we made two types of pasta bake. One group made tuna pasta bake whilst the others made tomato pasta bake. To make this the children had to make white sauce from scratch and add it to pasta, sweetcorn and spring onions.  The reactions from the two sessions differed. The morning group loved the […]

Year 4 cooking Friday 28th September

This week we used the school grown courgettes to try our hand at making muffins. An unusual type but we thought we would be daring ! The children weighed ingredients, grated courgette and spooned the mixture into tins. While they were cooking one group made courgette fritters and the other group fried up some courgettes. […]

20 July 2018 – Pizza making with Turner Class

Today in cooking Turner Class made yummy pizza. We all had lots of fun especially the eating of pizza at the end.

Heigham Class cooking Friday 11th May

This week Heigham Class made blueberry muffins. They worked together to measure out all the ingredients and mix them up. Each group had to halve the amounts as they shared the ingredients so had the added job of working out the correct amounts to put in the bowl. As an added bonus we were lucky […]

Heigham cooking Friday 4th May.

It’s Tasty Tikka Turkey Balls time!! We have been making Tikka turkey balls today using fresh meat, fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. Curry powder was added to give it a bit of flavour. Using a wooden spoon, some of the ingredients were mixed up but then the fun began when the children had to put […]


After what seemed like weeks and weeks away , we were finally back in the kitchen!! This half term it’s the turn of Heigham Class to show off their culinary skills in the kitchen. Today we thought we would try something new and make minestrone soup. The children chopped, sliced and  topped and tailed spring […]

Armes Class Cooking 16th March

Today in cooking Armes class have gone spicy! we made turkey tikka balls. This was a messy one as the children had to mix the raw ingredients by hand including the mince. the children have finely chopped onions and peppers, measured out curry powder ,added yogurt. W also made an accompanying cooling dip made from […]

Armes Class cooking Friday 9th march

A welcome return back to the food tech room after the snow saw Armes Class tackle making Easy Peasy pizza! The children practiced lots of culinary skills such as Kneading, weighing, measuring and rolling out, Despite the amount  of flour on the children, they successfully made a pizza base. On top of this they added […]

Year 4 cooking Friday 2nd February

Today Nelson Class made delicious blueberry muffins. We used our cooking skills such as whisking, measuring and weighing various ingredients. The children also got a sneaky taste of some blueberries too!(Though not everyone enjoyed the experience!)  A couple of accidents along the way did not stop Nelson class from making very tasty muffins and we […]