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Cooking blog Year 4 Blog 2017-18

Armes Class Cooking 16th March

Today in cooking Armes class have gone spicy! we made turkey tikka balls. This was a messy one as the children had to mix the raw ingredients by hand including the mince. the children have finely chopped onions and peppers, measured out curry powder ,added yogurt. W also made an accompanying cooling dip made from […]

Armes Class cooking Friday 9th march

A welcome return back to the food tech room after the snow saw Armes Class tackle making Easy Peasy pizza! The children practiced lots of culinary skills such as Kneading, weighing, measuring and rolling out, Despite the amount  of flour on the children, they successfully made a pizza base. On top of this they added […]

Year 4 cooking Friday 2nd February

Today Nelson Class made delicious blueberry muffins. We used our cooking skills such as whisking, measuring and weighing various ingredients. The children also got a sneaky taste of some blueberries too!(Though not everyone enjoyed the experience!)  A couple of accidents along the way did not stop Nelson class from making very tasty muffins and we […]

Cooking – Friday 26th January

Today in cooking Nelson Class made tasty tikka turkey balls and chive dip. We all got lovely and messy which we all enjoyed. At the end of the day we all had a chance to try the yummy turkey balls and dip.

Nelson class start Forest Schools and cooking – Friday 12th January

Nelson class started their half term of cooking and Forest Schools.  In cooking they prepared a seasonal vegetable soup, learning how to use a range of kitchen equipment to prepare the vegetables safely.  In Forest School they explored the outside space before scavenging for materials to build their own tools.  Enjoy the gallery.

Friday 24th November – Cooking, Forest School, Eco Council, Working as Scientists and gardening in Year 3

A wonderful end to the week with Finchley. We started the day developing our scientific drawings, closely observing, the carefully adding colour and detail.  We then divided into two groups for cooking and Forest Schools.  In cooking we worked in teams to prepare a vegetable soup.  At lunchtime, the Eco Council started to create the […]

Finchley – 10 November 2017 – Cooking

Today Finchley class worked together to identify different types of fruits and vegetables. We also discovered where different fruit and vegetables grow. At the end of the session we all got to try some different fruits and vegetables.

Dolphin Class – Cooking – 13.10.2017

Today in cooking Dolphin Class made scrumptious cheese scones. We all got lovely and messy which we all enjoyed. Whilst the scones were baking in the oven we worked as a team to identify different foods to go into a healthy packed lunch. Once baked a sample was taken to Ms McConnell and she was […]

06/10/2017 – Dolphin Class – Cooking

In cooking today Dolphin Class made delicious Banana Muffins. Everyone had lots of fun mashing, mixing and stirring our yummy muffins. Whilst the muffins where cooking we made a game about different food groups. I hope you all enjoy your banana muffins.

29/9/2017 – Cooking with Dolphin Class

Today in cooking Dolphin class made Leek and Potato Soup, the children worked hard together, chopping, peeling and stirring to make a yummy soup. Whilst the soup was cooking Dolphin class worked as a team to sort foods into different groups. At the end of the session everyone enjoyed a cup of juicy Pineapple and […]