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Nelson Forest Schools

Today we had lots of fun as a whole class at Forest Schools. We had pond dipping, clay creating, tree climbing and relaxing in the sunshine. The children took photos of what they wanted their parents to see.

Friday Forest Schools in the sunshine!

The weather has been amazing today. The children have been sitting in the sunshine researching animals, creating clay models and making leaf prints. We have been making tree spirits and giving the trees faces too.

Armes Class Forest Schools

Today, Armes class had Forest Schools. They dug the ground and hunted for worms, climbed trees, created wonderful tree decorations with sticks and string. They also made jewellery, dens and went ponding dipping.

Forest school symmetry

In maths we looked at symmetry and made symmetrical patterns using nature.

Turner Class Forest School 22nd June

Today, Turner Class did Forest School! They practised whittling sticks (and are becoming quite skilled at it!), explored pond dipping, made pizza rolls on the fire, learned about fire safety and then made a massive saucepan of popcorn on top of it! In the pond area they found: a frog, pond snails, whirligig beetles and […]

Heigham’s Last Forest School Session

Today, Heigham Class had their last Forest School session! In the morning, they explored mini-beasts, took part in pond dipping, made beautiful crafts and whittled their sticks ready for their afternoon session. They were served some delicious minestrone soup they had in their cooking session and ate it around the fire. A group of children […]

Heigham Class Forest School 18.05.18

Today, Heigham Class had a very arty Forest School session! They created some beautiful drawings and paintings using natural materials such as willow charcoal (that they made themselves), dandelions, leaves and clay. Picking mint leaves from the herb garden, they boiled the kettle on the fire they built and made delicious mint tea and served […]

Forest School Friday – Heigham Class 11th May 2018

Today in Forest School, Heigham Class: Built their own fire, cooked delicious apple and banana over it and boiled hot chocolate over it then extinguished their fire independently. They enjoyed making dens and “wind breaks” and drank hot chocolate under it using mallets, tarpaulin, tent pegs and imagination! Walked around the school field finding beautiful […]

Friday 4th May – Heigham class do Forest Schools

Today, Heigham class enjoyed pond dipping, den building, drawing with charcoal (that they made last week) and baking delicious cinnamon swirls on the fire. They explored new unknown species then identified them using the key, enjoyed investigating the insects under the green, hairy algae and worked together to count how many whirligig beetles they count […]

Forest School Friday – Armes Class 23th March 2018

Today, Armes Class had their very eventful, last Forest School session! We finished whittling our sticks ready to roast our marshmallows for s’mores in the afternoon. Whilst pond dipping, we found something very special – frog spawn! The children were fascinated by their findings and came up with lots of questions: ”Why is it like […]