27.11.19 Year 5 Forest School

It was a grim day, lots of rain and cold as well. Luckily we found out that means there is lots of mud to play with. We had great fun in our mud kitchen and made hammocks as well. Some of the suggestions for next week are clay people and a fire… Watch this space.

13.11.19 Year 5 Forest School

It was a amazingly sunny afternoon. We set up a kitchen and started to look at how we would start a fire. We used a flint and steel and cotton wool at first (this took some practice). Then we look at different things and how easy they were to burn. Mrs Mann will teach us how to set a bigger fire next week. Sorry due to technical difficulty we didn’t get a lot of photos today.

6/11/19 Year 5 Forest School

We had our second session today, we were lucky with the weather and managed to avoid the rain. We learnt how to put up hammocks (and how to get in them). We worked together and opened a restaurant using our mud kitchen. This meant some of us prepared food while other people went and harvested ingredients. We had a great session, enjoy our photo gallery.