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Animal care Gardening Homesteading Working as Historians Year 5: 2019 - 2020

11.03.20 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a busy start to the day and lots to do. We split into 2 groups one group went and started planting in the front gardens the other group stayed in the garden area on the field. We cleaned out the chickens, water plants and made a new compost bin. We have lots growing […]

13.03.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a beautiful morning and we got lots done. We planted the herbs we had harvested last year into our wild garden, we cleaned out the animals and made sure that they were warm enough. A group of us worked on making the fence around the tree circle, this taught another set of new […]

9.3.20 Year 3 Homesteading.

It was a glorious and sunny morning, we were excited to have some new seeds to plant and lots to do. One group went in the garden, we covered plants to protect them from frost, planted our new seeds and watered everything. Another group split into 3 and went pond dipping, cleaned out the chickens […]

5.2.20 Year 5 Homesteading

Today we split into 3 groups, this was the outside blog. In the garden we cleaned out the chickens and there run and put all the waste in the compost so we can reuse it later in the garden. At the same time we were also watering all our beds and plants inside and outside […]

7.02.20 Year 6 Homesteading

We had loads to do and a beautiful day to do it in. We split into 3 groups, this meant we could have a group in the garden, a group digging out our beds out the front and a group dedicated to cleaning the animals out. We got loads done and the beds at the […]

03.02.20 Year 3 Homesteading

It was a gloriously sunny but cold day. We reused old plastic bottles and made planters to hang up around the playground, these were filled with cosmos and basil seeds that Dorset tea donated to us. In the garden we cleaned out the chickens, and started planting broad beans out into the garden. We were […]

27.01.20 Year 3 Homesteading

We had lots of jobs to do today, some of us cleaned out the chickens and cleared out the coop, other people filled the keyhole garden and shaped it. Deb was in the poly tunnel planting seeds with various children throughout thee morning. We had a great time and got loads done.

24.1.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a clear but cold day, so we started out early. We split into 2 groups, 1 group dug the beds at the front where we are making amazing progress. Then group 2 got to work cleaning out animals and starting to plant seedlings. It really felt that we were finally starting our gardening […]

22.01.20 Year 5 Homesteading

Today we started to plant seedlings into pots and trays we will keep them warm and undercover in the poly-tunnel. We found lots that could be planted, and found out that reading information packets is a skill on its own, we planted a huge range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds. Luckily we got to […]

20.1.20 Year 3 Homesteading.

We were lucky, it was a cold but glorious morning. Today we started to look at what we could plant, we took it in turns to seed the trays and put them ready in the poly-tunnel. While we did that some of us helped to re-bark and another group cleaned out the rabbits. It was […]