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Gardening Year 3 Blog Year 3 Blog 2018 - 19

Dolphin Gardening 3/5/2019

Today we went outside to do some gardening. We planted sunflowers, pumpkins, marigolds and sweet peppers. We dug up potatoes, beetroot and carrots so that we could clear an area for new plants. We also added more mushroom compost to the raspberry plants. Lily, Kody and Krzysztof

Friday 8th March – Turner get gardening

There are loads of jobs to do as we extend our garden. Digging, planting, tidying, shoveling, weeding, the list goes on.

Turner Class get gardening

Today in gardening we planted salad vegetables (for example tomatoes, cucumbers, french beans).  We also planted blue squash, sweet peppers and basil. When we planted them we had to remember to put compost in the mini-greenhouse trays.  Some seeds had to be planted deep, and some planted high in the compost.  We also found out […]

Nelson tidy up the garden 28/9/18

Today we weeded and pruned the garden ready for the winter months ahead. We also gathered the last of the harvest, which Armes class cooked in their cookery lesson. Finally, we planted some lovely new plants into the wooden planters on the play ground.

Nelsons first Gardening lesson 21/9/18

Today the children explored our garden, harvesting fruit and vegetables We then had the chance to cook and taste our freshly picked produce. .

Wednesday 8th August – the garden post

The funny (and slightly frustrating) thing about a school garden is that things really get going over the summer.  The two Mr H’s and Kate, Tom and Oli cut back the squash leaves (to let the sun and pollinators in on the baby squash and flowers) and harvested the courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and a handful […]

Friday 6th July – the garden post

Thanks to Mr Swan, Andy, Michelle and Heigham class for getting stuck in in the garden.  Bolted salad was picked, tomatoes thinned and staked, cabbages planted, and squash plants put into the the new bed outside the polytunnel.  The crops in the keyhole garden are also coming on.  Our main aim is to get autumn […]

Friday 22nd June – the garden post

Heigham class enjoy their second session gardening.  Ms McConnell and Mr Swan take 12 children to the garden centre on Dereham Road to buy some flowers and vegetables. Mr McConnell and Mrs Parkins work with about 15 children to plant vegetable seeds specially selected for an autumn harvest, and Mr Hubery works with a small […]

Friday 15th June – the garden post

As the sun beat down Heigham took over in the garden.  There were loads of jobs to do.  They needed to harvest the vegetables that were ready for sale – this included our first crop of potatoes and broadbeans – and there were lots of tidying and planting jobs to do.  Strawberries were planted up […]

Eggs and veg sale tomorrow

We will be setting up our stall again on the playground at the end of the day tomorrow (Friday 15th June).  We will have eggs, mixed salad, and our first crop of broad beans and potatoes.  In an effort to be more eco-minded, please bring your own bag or tub to carry home what you […]