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Friday 20th April – first fresh produce sale

This afternoon saw our first sale of fresh produce.  Eggs have been carefully collected and stored this week, and the salad was harvested in the afternoon to ensure maximum freshness.  We had 36 fresh eggs, mixed salad leaves and radishes to sell.  Everything went in 8 minutes and we raised £14 which will go back […]

Monday 16th April – Eco Council back in action

Making the most of the lovely weather and a renewed sense of purpose in the garden after a long winter the Eco Council convened to get to work in the poly tunnel.  They watered the veg, weeded and harvested the remainder of the radishes. These will be bagged up and on sale by the end […]

Saturday 14th April – harvesting the first of the winter salads

What started as a plan to spend a couple of hours tidying the poly tunnel ended in a mini harvest of the winter salads and setting up some experiments to find the best way to store freshly picked salad leaves so we can share them with our families.  Thanks to Tom and Oli for helping […]

Easter holiday update

Despite the cold weather, things are really getting underway in the poly tunnel. The winter salads have just shot up in the last week, and the peas are flowering!  Spring onions are peeping through, as are the beetroot, peppers and spinach planted by Nelson class before we broke up.

Tuesday 27th March – Finchley harvest our first crop of 2018

A group of children from Finchley class revisited the poly-tunnel this afternoon to harvest our first crop of radishes. These were planted on Friday 3rd November (see blog entry here) when Finchley had their last gardening lesson.  The poly-tunnel has enabled us to keep growing through the winter and a quick dig around last week […]

Friday 23rd March – Nelson finish up in the garden

Nelson class enjoy their last morning gardening.  There was loads to do:  the new staging needed to be painted; the potato bed needed finishing and the first crop of ‘earlies’ planted, and we planted bulbs along the fence to provide a beautiful screen this time next year.

Friday 16th March – Nelson gardening

Today the class divided into two.  Half went outside to work with Andy and Lucas on the new planting bed and to finish off installing the water butt. The others remained behind in class to create labels to help identify what is growing in their square foot gardening bed.  We are hoping to finish work […]

Friday 9th March – Nelson get gardening after the snow

Now the snow has thawed, Nelson class get back to their gardening. After spending a few minutes looking at how the chitting potatoes are getting on, they get out to the garden. They plant up their square foot garden, and start to prepare a new bed.  

Monday 26th February – thanks Mr Hewett!

A big thanks to Mr Hewett who has just finished installing some staging in the poly-tunnel.  Once the weather starts to warm up, we can move our chitting potatoes from the classroom windowsill to the poly-tunnel.  It will also provide us with valuable space off the ground for a range of gardening jobs.  Next we […]

Friday 23rd February – Nelson class start gardening

Nelson started their gardening lessons this morning. Following introductions and a quick visit out to the garden to look at what has already been achieved so far this year, we returned and started work on our project – potatoes.  We discussed what we already knew about the mighty spud before using some close observational drawing […]