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Animal care Gardening Homesteading

8.11.19 Year 6 Homesteading

Wow we had a busy morning, we had groups out doing gardening and animal care, we also picked up some of our caretakers jobs whilst he is away. One gardening group was helping Miss Lewis to dig out the year 5 garden plots, Andy and they other gardening group, were filling beds and spreading mulch. […]

04.11.19 Year 3 Homesteading

Today then animal care group split into two groups. One group cleaned out the guinea pigs and the other group filled the planters with seeds and bulbs. We had been donated some lovely crocus bulbs for polo awareness. We marked the ones that had been done with pretty sand so no one digs them back […]

28.10.19 Year 3 Homesteading

We had a lovely start back, the weather was cold but sunny and we were all eager to get outside. The animal group cleaned out the guinea pigs summer cage, and moved the guinea pigs inside for the winter. The gardening group, topped up the keyhole garden, covered beds in mushroom compost and started to […]

11.10.19 Year 6 Homesteading

Today we talked about community. We discussed what it was and what it meant. We also talked about how we could help our school community. With that in mind we went out to gardening, we helped year 4 finish their gardening plots and removed excess soil to fill the year 3 keyhole garden. We had […]

Bugs and living in a space ship

Some photos are sideways, my apologies it is a new format editor and I can’t work out how to change it. Thanks for understanding. Bugs This week the bug man came into school with all sorts of amazing creatures. Some of us were really keen to hold them and other not so much. But we […]

9.10.19 Year 5 Homesteading

Today in the gardening group we started to dig out our beds. We are really lucky and have the front lawn outside school. We split into 3 groups to start with, group 1 measured and marked out the gardens, then they sat down to decide what might go in them. Group 2 started weeding and […]

07.10.19 Year 3 Homesteading

Today we had homesteading. As normal we split into our 4 groups to try cooking, animal care, gardening, and researching what we were going to put into our newly cleared gardens. We had a lovely day and got lots done, the gardening group cleared the key hole garden ( this is a special self feeding […]

23.9.19 Year 3 Homesteading

We started today by looking at the seasons, what they were and what happens to plants at different times. Because we are in autumn we talked about plants dying and why we cut them back. We also looked at which animals hibernate and what that meant. This helped us to create bug hotels to help […]

Dolphin Gardening 3/5/2019

Today we went outside to do some gardening. We planted sunflowers, pumpkins, marigolds and sweet peppers. We dug up potatoes, beetroot and carrots so that we could clear an area for new plants. We also added more mushroom compost to the raspberry plants. Lily, Kody and Krzysztof

Friday 8th March – Turner get gardening

There are loads of jobs to do as we extend our garden. Digging, planting, tidying, shoveling, weeding, the list goes on.