Monday 23rd April – Y5 create maps to illustrate Friday’s walk

One of our Working as Geographers skills is to be able to create and modify maps based on field observations.  Today, Y5 did just that, creating beautifully illustrated and annotated maps of their river walk through the city.  Cartography (the science of creating maps) is both ancient and invaluable to our understanding of the world around us. Today’s work threw up many questions that can be clarified over the coming weeks and addressed when the children revisit their map.  One important question was around the purpose of a map – is it for use by the person who draws it or should it be able to be read by others?  Enjoy the gallery.

Working as Geographers

We launched our Working as Geographers project today with the first of a two-day Romance Event.   Our Y3, 4 and 5 children took part in a carousel of activities.  The children:

  1. learned about what a river was in Mr Swan’s session entitled The River Wensum – from source to mouth
  2. made water droplet art with Mrs Kirkland
  3. made mini water cycle systems and created clouds with Richard Park from Anglian Water
  4. got the big picture about the planet’s water, what it was used for and why it was important to be more careful with it
  5. found out all about the county’s vital waterways in Norfolk Broads – past, present and future by Nick Sanderson from The Broads Authority

A huge thanks to Nick Sanderson from the Broads Authority and Richard Park from Anglian Water who joined us all day and will be working with us through the project.  It was a wonderful day that really engaged the children and introduced them to the big ideas,  themes and numbers associated with water.  Thanks to all involved.

Tomorrow we will all be walking along the wonderful River Wensum!


Working as Geographers