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Homesteading Year 3: 2019 - 2020

Making cookies

We are writing this as we wait for our cookies to cook and cool down, they smell delicious!! (Tash) Today, we got really messy making cookies. (Matilda Me) We used a tablespoon to measure the coco powder (Jonathan). We had 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 70 grams of caster sugar (Conner). We measured our […]

8.11.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

It was cold and wet this afternoon. Still we made the most of it, we made bird feeders, played in the mud and rescued 2 collared doves from the chicken pen. It was lovely to see everyone busy and happy despite the weather.

8.11.19 Year 6 Homesteading

Wow we had a busy morning, we had groups out doing gardening and animal care, we also picked up some of our caretakers jobs whilst he is away. One gardening group was helping Miss Lewis to dig out the year 5 garden plots, Andy and they other gardening group, were filling beds and spreading mulch. […]

We are meteorologists.

We learned that clouds are made out of tiny little water drops (JB). We learnt that if you get hit by lightning you would probably die as it is really powerful, fast electricity. (LE) We learnt that when it is raining we get thunder storms. (DN) To get struck by lightning is really bad luck. […]

6/11/19 Year 5 Forest School

We had our second session today, we were lucky with the weather and managed to avoid the rain. We learnt how to put up hammocks (and how to get in them). We worked together and opened a restaurant using our mud kitchen. This meant some of us prepared food while other people went and harvested […]

04.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor learning

We were lucky and had lovely weather today which we made the best of. We got some hammocks out today, it was great fun learning how to put them up and then how to use them (getting in was a challenge). We also made dens and dug a moat full of alligators eek.

04.11.19 Year 3 Homesteading

Today then animal care group split into two groups. One group cleaned out the guinea pigs and the other group filled the planters with seeds and bulbs. We had been donated some lovely crocus bulbs for polo awareness. We marked the ones that had been done with pretty sand so no one digs them back […]

30.10.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

We had a lovely afternoon although it was quite chilly. Today we got the clay out and tried our hand at making different things. We built dens and got out the free play things. Next week we will start looking at digging out a firepit.

Homesteading – Outdoor Art 31/10/2019

Today we did some outdoor art. It was really fun. All the groups were really creative (Lily) We used natural resources outside to make our art. (Harvey and Vinnie) We made our creations using nature all around us (Megan)

The Bunny Blog 31st October

In animal care today, we split up into groups and cleaned out our sections. We had 2 people who had the job of keeping the animals from escaping. We replaced their bedding, their hay and their straw in their boxes. They have boxes of straw for beds now, as it’s colder in the winter than […]