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Maple Room Working as Scientists

Why do volcanoes erupt?

In Maple class this week we have asked the question… “Why do volcanoes erupt?” We watched videos of volcanic eruptions and talked about where the name volcano comes from. John was very excited to learn that it came from a Roman god called Vulcan who was the god of fire. We then coloured and labeled […]

What do different parts of the brain do?

Maple asked the question ‘what do different parts of the brain do?’ We carried out a number of activities and tests to explore the things the brain can do. We made brain hats that showed us the different areas of the brain and what they do. We made electrical circuits and made our own switches […]

Defying gravity with bottle rockets

In maple class we asked the question: How do you build a rocket? We researched rockets and watched rocket launches and then designed and made our own bottle rockets. We filled the bottle with a little water and then used a pump to increase the air pressure then…..whoosh!!!! We learnt that if we want to […]

Meet the brain!

In maple class we asked the question…What do different parts of our brain do? Me made our own brain hats and explored what different parts do. We learnt that one part of our brain in the middle controls our breathing and our heart beating Another part helps us make sentences. Another part stores the words […]

Sowing seeds!

We found sycamore seeds in the tree circle and threw them into the air and watched how they worked like helicopters to float to the ground. We made our own helicopters out of paper and watched how they span to the ground. We learnt that sycamore trees use this method to spread their seeds to […]

Science romance day 13th September

  We mixed up some magic formulas. First we mixed a liquid and a solid to make a gas which inflated a balloon and then we made a mixture called Ooblek which sometimes behaved like a liquid and sometimes behaved like a solid.

Forest school symmetry

In maths we looked at symmetry and made symmetrical patterns using nature.