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Maple Room Working as Historians

Saxon wool craft

This Friday Maple class had a visitor who taught us how the Saxons span wool. We also dressed up as Saxons and tried a Saxon drink called pigment.  

This week in Maple class

Working as historians  We learnt about Roman gods and godessess and created our own top trump cards based on what we found from our research. We then enjoyed playing them during our golden time.   This week we began our museum exhibit. We are creating a applique display to show the settlers that have come […]

This week in Maple class

This week we have been soooooo busy continuing to work as historians.  We have looked at primary and secondary sources to learn more about what things the Romans brought to England. Food We tasted a selection of foods that would have been new to Britain. A number of us tried foods that we had never […]

Maple class this week

Raise a Glass verse 1 Come with me to Caistor, to see the Roman town Although it’s very quiet, there’s history all around Lets catch the boar to Norvic, to where the crossroads meet. This week we have been looking at verse one of our ‘Come you in’ song. We have researched Caistor St Edmunds and learnt […]

Maple reading cafe

On Friday Maple class invited parents, family and friends in to share stories and to make dinosaur dioramas.         We had a lovely afternoon sharing stories and having drinks and biscuits with the adults. Thank you to all those adults that came along.

How does the heart pump blood?

Heart experiment We did an experiment to see what happened to our heart when we did different exercise. We measured 10m using a trundle wheel to make sure it was a fair test. First we measured our heart beats sitting down, then walking, then jogging then sprinting. (Zarah) After each we measured our heart rate […]

Were dinosaurs real?

In Maple class we answered the question…Were dinosaurs real? We answered this question by looking at what we can learn from fossils and how fossils are made. First we studied the process of how fossils are made and we made our own fossils using a similar process. We learnt that fossils are bones that have […]

Where do diamonds come from?

In maple this week we have been answering our question…Where do diamonds come from? We have carried out some investigations to learn more about how they form. Before half term we had looked at how rocks are made and how our earth has many different layers. How do diamonds or crystals form? John: I learnt […]

Why do volcanoes erupt?

In Maple class this week we have asked the question… “Why do volcanoes erupt?” We watched videos of volcanic eruptions and talked about where the name volcano comes from. John was very excited to learn that it came from a Roman god called Vulcan who was the god of fire. We then coloured and labeled […]

What do different parts of the brain do?

Maple asked the question ‘what do different parts of the brain do?’ We carried out a number of activities and tests to explore the things the brain can do. We made brain hats that showed us the different areas of the brain and what they do. We made electrical circuits and made our own switches […]