Back in time to world war 2

We have had a really busy week as usual but it has been amazing. On Thursday we went on a trip to Gressenhall where we got to experience what life may have been like for people in Norfolk during the second world war.

We met 3 characters from the war and had a go at a variety of tasks. We tried milking cows, cleaning horses tack, cooking using rations, being in the Home Guard, wearing a gas mask and taking shelter during an air raid.

BC: It was the best day ever!

Pancake day!

Maple class made pancakes and had a go at flipping them. We then set a table to eat and enjoy them together. We had lots of fun and none of the pancakes ended up on the floor or ceiling!

This week in Maple

This week we have been very busy again! We have been learning more about Norwich during world war 2, cooking, doing forest schools and PE as well as all our maths and reading and writing.

Soup and bread

We made our own tomato soup and bread rolls. We sat together and enjoyed the meal at the end of the day. We learnt lots of new things especially about what yeast does and why we need it to make our bread fluffy.

All about 10!

Some of us have been learning all about the number 10 and experimenting with different ways of making it. We used a fun activity with 10 fishes to help us.


We made obstacle courses using items from the forest school area. We then had to trust our partners to help us get safely to the other end. We had to really think about what we were saying when we had to guide our friends. It was quite tricky.

The Blitz

We have looked at some parts of world war 2 this week. We have learnt about the battle of Britain, the Blitz and the bombs that hit Norwich. We looked at a map which shows were all the bombs landed in and around Norwich. We also looked at primary and secondary sources and read a news paper article about the bombings in Norwich. We used the article to find information about the bombings.

First week back!

This week we have been looking at our new topic, we have been learning about what it means to be a historian. We looked at toys that children would have got for Christmas over the last 100 years and tried to work out which were the oldest and which were the newest. We used skills of analysis and interpretation of the photos to make our decision and we didn’t all agree all the time.

We read our song from the come yew in song book which is called ‘Saftey and Shelter’. It is about people who have had to leave the place that they live and go somewhere new. We looked at evacuees and how this happened to children during the war. We watched a clip of ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and then made scenes in the sand to show what might happen when people have to leave their families.

We also looked at some refugee stories and thought about how it must feel to leave your family and arrive in a new place. We then created our own dramas to tell a story of someone who had to leave their family.

We then made sound effects and music to reflect the things that were happening and the emotions that people were feeling in the other groups drama.

In Thrive we thought about laws and rules. We created our own countries and thought about what they would be like. We then came up with laws for our countries. It was quite tricky to make the laws and we had to think about lots of peoples ideas and different points of view.

Forest schools was great fun this week. We made dens from massive sticks and spent ages digging big holes. We had a lovely treat at the end and enjoyed hot chocolate all together.

LE: we made up our own countries – Jigeria shakey shakey shakey and Megaland. We made rules for our own countries such as No hard sweets, we made this rule because we were worried that people might choke. Another rule was that you are only allowed electric cars.

JB: I enjoyed making the countries as well, I thought that making laws was really hard.

ZW: I enjoyed the acting with others. It was about world war 2 and people were leaving their countries.

IG: I enjoyed the drama too. I liked that we helped the other team because we gave them music and sound effects.

ZW: We went in the forest schools area and we made dens and then after that we talked about what we enjoyed and then we had hot chocolate at the end.

LE: I enjoyed helping Mrs Martin make the hot chocolate.

DN: we made hot water and made hot chocolate.

We are meteorologists.

We learned that clouds are made out of tiny little water drops (JB).

We learnt that if you get hit by lightning you would probably die as it is really powerful, fast electricity. (LE)

We learnt that when it is raining we get thunder storms. (DN)

To get struck by lightning is really bad luck. You are more likely to hurt yourself on the toilet or win an oscar. (JG)

Evaporation is what happens when the water goes up into the clouds (IG)

Some water goes up, then a big cloud forms. It takes 1 million little water drops to make one rain drop. The rain falls and the water goes down the mountains or into the mud and back to the sea. It all then starts again. (JG)

We went on a trip this week to the Cathedral herb garden. We were choosing plants for our own sensory garden that we are making in school. We went on the bus.

We saw lots of nice colorful herbs and they smelt really nice. (JG)

I really liked the curry plant and the lemon ones. They were really nice, I would like to plant them both in our herb garden at school. (LE)

Also this week we made Christmas cards that will be printed and families will be able to buy them to send to their friends and family.

We made little dots using our fingers in paint and we were painting. (DN)

We also had lots of fun making happy memory scenes in shaving foam.

We are paleontologists

This week we have been learning about paleontology. We learnt that paleontologists find out about dinosaurs from their fossils. We learnt about the fossilisation process.

We had a go at making our own cast fossils.

On Friday we learnt that fossilised dinosaur poo is one way that they know what dinosaurs ate or they look at teeth. It will have sharp teeth if it is a meat eater and blunt teeth if it is a herbivore or if it is an omnivore it will have sharp and blunt teeth. (LE)

We learnt that Raptors weren’t carnivores or herbivores. The volociraptor was actually an omnivore. Omnivore means it is a carnivore and an herbivore. Paleontologists figured out that they had sharp teeth and flat teeth. (JB)

This may look like jelly but it is actually the different layers of rocks and soil. That is how they know when the dinosaurs lived. Whether it was Jurassic or Triassic. The lower down the fossil is the older it is. (LE)

LD: We dusted the fossils and we found some bones. We were really careful so we could work out what dinosaur it was.

Bugs and living in a space ship

Some photos are sideways, my apologies it is a new format editor and I can’t work out how to change it. Thanks for understanding.


This week the bug man came into school with all sorts of amazing creatures. Some of us were really keen to hold them and other not so much. But we were all brave and challenged ourselves.

LE: I had 2 snakes around my neck and I had a frog on my hand. I had a tarantula on my head. We also had spiky stick insects on us.

JG: It was a tree frog and it had grippy feet a bit like sand paper.

BC: I held the bearded dragon. I was quite nice until the mad got it off and it shed its skin on me.

CD: I liked them all. I don’t really like spiders but I had it on my leg and I felt like I wanted to scream.

Living in space

This week we have researching and learning about how astronauts live in space. We tried some space foods and watched some videos from the international space station about how they eat, sleep, exercise and to to the toilet in space.

JB: We learnt that astronauts need to eat dried food. This stops it going green.

BC: I liked the dried apple and I like the chocolate ice cream.

CD: I liked the ice cream more as it was nice.

JB: The strawberries smelled just like sour sweets.


In maths we have been naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes. We went on some shape hunts and the sorted the shapes by the shape of their faces.

What a lovely mess!

We have been enjoying playing with foods and water and getting stuck in to all the lovely mess. It was a bit strange playing with spaghetti and beans but we all got stuck in in the end.

Calm and relaxed

We thought about calmness, what it feels like and what helps us feel calm in school. We all found things that we can use when we need some calm down time.

Planning our garden

We began planning our gardening area. We went on a walk around the school feeling and smelling plants that we might like to use.

Maple heads to Space!

We made our own rockets

We have been learning about how rockets get into space.

We learnt that the rockets can’t have flat tops or air will push against it (LE)

We also learnt about gravity which tries to pull it back to earth (JG)

We learnt that we have to give the bean bag a bigger push to get it higher into the air. We need to give the rocket a push that is stronger than gravity.

We designed our rockets to be aerodynamic and then the next day we made them and finally we launched them (LE)

You can’t see gravity. It makes people jump high on the moon (DN)

We read the book ‘The huge bag of worries.’

We were showing our worries by painting a picture of what our worry monster looks like (JB)

We had lots of fun in forest schools in the rain.

We found a big wiggly worm (BC)

We had fun making mud food with conkers and playing with the water in the rain.

Let the science begin!

Working as scientists

This week has been a very exciting week in Maple. We have been really looking forward to starting to work as scientists. On Thursday and Friday we saw an amazing assembly by Mad science and had a go at lots of experiments.


We classified things by their properties and we made predictions about what we thought would happen.

We were also lucky enough to visit a planetarium where we got to journey through our solar system and take a look at the international space station. It was an amazing experience.

Finialy, we started thinking about the sort of questions we would like to try and answer when we are working as scientists.

Here is a selection of the questions:

How do sharks sleep?

Do aliens exist and do the come to earth?

Is the Lochness  monster real?

How big is our planet?

Can astronauts eat pizza in space?

Where does the internet come from?


We thought about the different emotions we have and where we feel them in our bodies and what we do when we feel like that. This week we were looking at feeling sad and we made models that showed people being sad.

Forest schools

This week we explored the area and thought about how we can stay safe when we are there. We chose a tree each to be out ‘be tree’ somewhere we can go when we are feeling we would like time to ourselves.


We have been looking at place value and have been playing games, making the biggest numbers we can to try to beat our partner.

This week in our class

We have had the most wonderful start to the new year. Maple have worked so hard and have tried lots of new things.


In maths we have been learning about numbers. We made the numbers in lots of different ways and learnt that we can show numbers in numerals and words. We played a fun game where we had to guess what number was hiding under the squares.


Sensory circuits

We started a new activity which we will do every morning before we start our work. We will use our bodies in different ways and strengthen our muscles including our brain!


Choosing times

We worked together to build a tower out of magnets. We had to help each other and solve problems.

Hand gym

Everyday we work on making our hands and fingers stronger to help up with writing. We try to unlock all the locks quick as we can or screw in as many screws as possible. We also practice threading and use peg boards.

JB: I have enjoyed everything this week. Our classroom has moved around and I really like how it has changed.

CD: I have enjoyed everything. I really liked using loom bands and learning about the colour monster.

BC: I liked the elastic loom bands. I liked painting the colour monster suns.

LE: I have enjoyed being back at school and I have enjoyed hand gym and sensory circuits.