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Maths blog Year 5 Blog 2018 - 19

Year 5 ’empty classroom day’ part 1- outdoor maths

Today at Wensum is Empty Classroom day.  We embraced this in Year 5 by doing our maths learning in the tree circle and on the field. Some of us found 2D shapes, some of us estimated and measured 100 steps, some of us found acute angles in the trees, some of us made a fraction […]

Year 3/Year 6 NRICH activity

On Tuesday, Year 3 and Year 6 teamed up to solve the Maths NRICH problem- I am eight. As Year 6 had already had a go at the problem, they used their knowledge to help the Year 3s to come up with as many ways for themselves, using a number of resources to help them.

Year 6 Maths

Over the past couple of days Year 6 have been applying their strategies for solving different arithmetic questions. We have also been reasoning why we have used certain methods.

Forest school symmetry

In maths we looked at symmetry and made symmetrical patterns using nature.

Wednesday 6th March – World Maths Day

World Maths Day 2018 The children had a fun-filled day today, taking part in a variety of maths activities including competing with children around the world on Mathletics! All children have a log in to Mathletics and can access it at home.  Thank you to staff and children for all their efforts today; the costumes […]

Thursday 22nd February – we work as mathematicians

Wonderful maths work today.  Students from The Norwich School were in to work with Year 4, playing maths games with them to boost fluency.  Year 5 were continuing their work on angles and Year 3 were exploring strategies for subtracting small numbers from larger numbers.  Great to see such engagement and enjoyment in maths.  A […]

Y4 – Fractions in a Box

On Tuesday, Year 4 worked collaboratively at solving an NRICH problem titled ‘Fractions in a Box’. This was quite a tricky task and can be found here. Here are some of their solutions:  

Year 5 Mathematicians- Investigating Angles

The last two days has seen Year 5 investigating angles. Do angles in a triangle have a relationship? Do angles in a quadrilateral have a relationship?   What we found out: When you put the angles together (in a triangle ) they form a semi-circle like the protractor – Alan It doesn’t matter what type […]

Year 5 Mathematicians

Whilst I was away, Mr Hubery took over. They played ‘Dicey Operations’ where the dice control what the question is going to be. Here is an example where the dice makes subtraction difficult but Turner Class take the challenge head on.  

Tuesday 30th January – we are mathematicians

While I was waiting to leave school with Dolphin class on The Big Bird Watch, I took my camera out to capture some maths…