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Gardening Project Get Outdoors Year 3 Blog 2017-18

Friday 6th October – Preparing the polytunnel and choosing vegetables

Today Finchley class divided into two groups. One worked with Andy and Lucas to start moving the square foot gardening beds into the polytunnel while the other worked with Mr Hubery to use pH preference information to identify which vegetables will grow in our pH neutral (7.0) soil. The is the list we created: Artichoke […]

4th October – the polytunnel gets covered!

A couple of hours this evening and we managed to get the structure covered. We also started laying out the membrane that will cover the floor. A few bits to do to finish it off, but it will be ready for Y3 to install the square foot gardening beds on Friday. A huge thanks again […]

1st October – completing the woodwork for the polytunnel

We planned to complete the woodwork and cover the polytunnel today. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side. We managed to complete the wooden base rail and prepare the structure for the polythene, but it was too wet and breezy to complete the covering. We need dry and calm. Hopefully we can get it […]

23rd September – work continues on the polytunnel

Rain last Saturday limited the work we could do outdoors, though progress was made on the doors which were made under the shelter. Good progress today as the doors and door frames were completed and installed at either end of the polytunnel. The wooden frame that sits around the base of the polytunnel was also […]

9th September – we start work on the polytunnel

Today we started work on the polytunnel. We met at 10am and worked through until 3pm with a much needed break for bacon and egg butties at midday! The aim was to dig the anchor points and erect the main steel frame and strengthen it. It was hard work, but loads of fun. Thanks to […]

8th September – pond dipping

At lunchtime today, nine of us pulled on coats and wellies and started to explore what lives on and below the surface of our new pond. Our trays soon started filling with the weird and the wonderful. We just managed a few minutes looking at what we found and using our new guides to identify […]

Friday 12th May – Infants from Nelson work with our Eco Council on the pond

5 Year 1 children from Nelson Infant School joined our Eco Council and Nige and Em from Goldcrest to prepare and put in the pond plants. We learned all about the different pond plants – their names, how to plant them, and why different types were planted at different depths. We also had time to […]

Thursday 20th April – Goldcrest return to work on the pond

Nige and Em were back on Thursday this week to continue work on the pond. Nige had finished the dipping platform over the Easter holiday so they returned to trim the pond liner, relay the turf at the pond’s edge and install the equipment shed. The Eco Council will be working with them again on […]

Thursday 23rd March – update

Ross McLeod joined Nige from Goldcrest to work on the dipping platform. As the pond fills, a huge thanks to Anglian Water who have sponsored us ‘in kind’ by donating the 31,000 litres of water that will be needed to fill the pond. Thank you!

22nd March – the filling begins!

The pond is now lined and the hosepipe turned on. Water flows and the filling begins!