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Maple Room Uncategorised Working as Historians

This week in Maple class

Working as historians  We learnt about Roman gods and godessess and created our own top trump cards based on what we found from our research. We then enjoyed playing them during our golden time.   This week we began our museum exhibit. We are creating a applique display to show the settlers that have come […]

After School Sports Clubs

Dear Parents/Carers, Next week – Monday 3rd to Friday 7th – there will not be any after school sports clubs. Monday – Football Wednesday – Gym Thursday – Gym The last club activities will take place the following week – Monday 12th to 16th. Any questions – Please speak to Mr Whalen

Nelson Forest Schools

Today we had lots of fun as a whole class at Forest Schools. We had pond dipping, clay creating, tree climbing and relaxing in the sunshine. The children took photos of what they wanted their parents to see.

Where do diamonds come from?

In maple this week we have been answering our question…Where do diamonds come from? We have carried out some investigations to learn more about how they form. Before half term we had looked at how rocks are made and how our earth has many different layers. How do diamonds or crystals form? John: I learnt […]

What do different parts of the brain do?

Maple asked the question ‘what do different parts of the brain do?’ We carried out a number of activities and tests to explore the things the brain can do. We made brain hats that showed us the different areas of the brain and what they do. We made electrical circuits and made our own switches […]

Armes Class Forest Schools!

We have been lucky again with glorious weather at Forest Schools this week. The children have been making incredible designs with clay and have made fab dream catches. Some of the children spent their whole time exploring the creatures in the pond. 

Turner Class cooking Friday 13th July

This week in Turner Class we went back to basics and made buns! Using eggs from our school hens the children weighed out ingredients, creamed them together and without licking their fingers managed to spoon the mixture into the bun cases. The result? lovely baked buns to chomp on after school!!

Forest School Friday 23rd February

Today, Armes class has their first Forest School session! They explored outside finding minibeasts and enjoyed having a craft afternoon in the woodland area. Making animals out of clay, making dream catchers and using the gimlet drill for the first time to make a fidget spinner, the children embraced the cold and showed their calm side […]

Armes Class cooking

This week Armes Class spent the day peeling, chopping and slicing different vegetables to make leek and potato soup. They heated up vegetable oil and stirred in chopped onions. Some of the children were not overly impressed at how the soup looked before it was liquidized!! But we are sure it will taste delicious when […]

Lord Mayors Procession

Well done to all the children and families that took part in the Lord Mayors Procession with Alive Church’s Community Float on Saturday. They won first prize! Well done, you all worked so hard with just a couple of weeks preparation!