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This week in Maple

This week we have had some exciting visitors. We had the UEA Students in to do comedy and drama with us and we also did some work on our emotions, drawing them and then letting them go. We are getting ready for a parents showcase next week. We also had a visit from Tim. We […]

Wow what a week!!

We were treated to a comedy workshop by the Drama students from the UEA. It was great fun and was a good confidence builder. We had to walk on stage and then do silly things and funny sketches. All the children took part and there were a lot of giggles. This week we also visited […]

UEA Primary Law Day – Y6

24 Year 6 children have been at UEA today to take part in their Primary Law Day. They have taken part in a mock trial about the theft of a pair of trainers, visited the campus and taken part in a range of witness activities.  

This week in Maple class!

This week has been very exciting and busy! We have finished learning about the vikings and we are ready to begin planning our presentations of the school history conference. Firefighters On Monday we had a visit from some firefighters from North Earlham fire station. They talked to us about making our homes safe and what […]

Holt Hall Day 3 by Dexter, George, Kye and Josh.

It’s our last day, and we’ve had a big day and a fun day doing survival challenges. The first thing we did was having to improve some teepees so they were more protected from the bad weather. Then we found some sticks to make a fire with. We had to cut some apples into small […]

This week in Maple

Who were the Vikings? This week we have been learning about the Vikings coming to Norwich. We have looked at maps and found places that have viking endings to their names such as -by and -thorpe. We have also been learning about how the vikings traveled to England and across the world using their special […]

This week in Maple class

Working as historians¬† We learnt about Roman gods and godessess and created our own top trump cards based on what we found from our research. We then enjoyed playing them during our golden time. ¬† This week we began our museum exhibit. We are creating a applique display to show the settlers that have come […]

After School Sports Clubs

Dear Parents/Carers, Next week – Monday 3rd to Friday 7th – there will not be any after school sports clubs. Monday – Football Wednesday – Gym Thursday – Gym The last club activities will take place the following week – Monday 12th to 16th. Any questions – Please speak to Mr Whalen

Nelson Forest Schools

Today we had lots of fun as a whole class at Forest Schools. We had pond dipping, clay creating, tree climbing and relaxing in the sunshine. The children took photos of what they wanted their parents to see.

Where do diamonds come from?

In maple this week we have been answering our question…Where do diamonds come from? We have carried out some investigations to learn more about how they form. Before half term we had looked at how rocks are made and how our earth has many different layers. How do diamonds or crystals form? John: I learnt […]