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Forest School Drawing Challenge Uncategorised

7.6.20 Forest school drawing challenge.

It has been another great week of work on Seesaw, I thought it would be nice to share some of the children’s art work from this weeks drawing challenge. The topic was butterflies. I hope you enjoy. Amy

Year 5 and Maple Travel Back in Time!

We visited Gressenhall Museum and Farm to experience what life was like on the ‘homefront’ during World War 2. We met an officer from the Homeguard who taught us self-defense, using a broomstick handle as a bayonet! We had to ‘fall in’, stand to attention and march in line. He even checked that we weren’t […]

Dolphin’s are Bollywood dancers!

We have had a busy day in Dolphin class. This morning, our special visitor Tina came to teach us all about Bollywood dancing. She told us about where Bollywood dancing comes from and she taught us a Bollywood dance. ‘Bollywood dancing is from India’- Sylvie. ‘It was fascinating’ – Amina ‘I had fun! I liked […]

WWII Artefacts romance day 06.01.20

Year 5 had a special day where they were in groups and learnt about WWII. This particular group was learning about different historical artefacts that were used in this time. One of the artefacts was a gas mask which people used to protect themselves from deadly gasses. The masks had special yellow bags in which to […]

Year 4 History Walk Thursday

We walked into the city to look for clues that told us buildings were old. We went to Elm Hill, The Cathedral, St Peter Mancroft and St Andrews. The walk was very tiring, but it was actually very interesting as well (Isla). As you were walking through Elm Hill, if you looked at the roofs, […]

Rationing in Year 5. 06.01.20

We are studying what life was like in WWII this term.  On Monday we investigated how much food people would get in the war. We found out that rationing started because they didn’t have enough food for everyone. People were only allowed  2oz butter ,8oz sugar,  2oz cheese ,4oz  bacon and ham ,40z marg ,3 pints milk , 2oz tea […]

Homesteading 13.11.19

This week in Homesteading we made flapjacks. The children weighed out brown sugar, butter , oats and golden syrup to mix together in a saucepan. This was then put into a baking tin and cooked until golden brown! This will make a delicious snack to take home.

Homesteading – Outdoor Art 31/10/2019

Today we did some outdoor art. It was really fun. All the groups were really creative (Lily) We used natural resources outside to make our art. (Harvey and Vinnie) We made our creations using nature all around us (Megan)

Bugs and living in a space ship

Some photos are sideways, my apologies it is a new format editor and I can’t work out how to change it. Thanks for understanding. Bugs This week the bug man came into school with all sorts of amazing creatures. Some of us were really keen to hold them and other not so much. But we […]

Our blood song!

Friday 11th October 2019 This week we have been learning about our hearts and blood (Charlie-may). It is called the circulatory system (Jezley). Our goal was to create a song about blood to help us remember all the information (Hannah). To learn all the facts about blood we carried out research (Rose and Ameliah). We […]