Adventures in the Art room!

We had a fantastic day in the Art room today. We had the sun flood in through the windows whilst we made the most amazing clay sculptures. We carefully handled and sculpted our Rainforest animals, taking care to add texture and pattern to our pieces using our tools. We then finished off applying Modroc to our landscape and even began to explore next week’s theme in a series of drawings. This afternoon, we transformed our Rainforest by mixing rich colours and sponging them onto the structure. We can’t wait to add our animals once they’re dry!

Year 6 make their point(illism)

On Thursday, Year 6 had a go at creating their own pieces of art based on pointillism. This is a technique of painting in which small distinct dots of colour are carefully applied to paper to form a picture. The children used cotton-buds to create their dots and had to mix primary colours in order to create the range of colours they needed. As you can see, the results were fantastic!

Animal week in Year 5!

We continue to follow the journey made by Grayson Perry and his Art Club show and this week, the theme is animals! We explored pattern and colour when creating some exciting animal patterns. We then drafted some sketches of possible ideas for when we hit the Art room on Friday and work with clay. Yeti have decided to create a collaborative piece including a rainforest inspired landscape, complete with a wonderful array of animals. Today, we used Modroc to sculpt the terrain for the animals to be placed once finished. It was messy but wow, we had fun!

Year 4 have been weaving!

We have had a really exciting afternoon, because we have had a visitor who has taught us how to weave. We all met in the art room to watch Jayne, an amazing artist, demonstrate how to weave. Jayne talked us through the steps and she made each of us a loom to use. We got stuck in straight away and absolutely loved weaving the different textures and colours together.

Developing our Portraits in Year 5

It was such a pleasure to watch the concentration and pride in Year 5 this week. Our ‘quick flash’ drawings needed developing, so we focused on face shape and facial feature proportions and our new drawings really came alive! We are beginning to take our own direction in our work and our confidence is definitely growing day by day!

Explorative Finger painting with Year 5!

Making the most of the gorgeous sunshine, Yeti class ventured outside to explore the idea of painting using shadow. We watched a You Tube artist painting with just the tips of his fingers and jumped at the chance to create our own using celebrities and illustrations. We spoke about how our art would look very different from our stimulus and we embraced the unique technique and found our results very thought provoking.

Pokemon and the Hidden People!

We have learnt about the Hidden People in Iceland. They are very special to Icelanders, and there are doors on rocks and trees where they live. There have been times where they have needed to move a big rock, but the Icelanders say “no” because that’s where the Hidden People live!

We have made doors for the Hidden People, which we will put in the Forest School area. We painted the doors, and carefully decorated them with acrylic paint. Then we made little foods out of Fimo clay for the Hidden People.

We also planted flowers and seeds to grow in the classroom.

Year 3 – Working as Artists – Week 1

We have been looking at the artist Julien Sinzogan, and how his art work links to memory, identity, travel and celebration. The country of Benin in Western Africa plays a significant role in Julien’s art work, looking at his own heritage, history and culture. Julien’s work has a large focus on travel, family, celebration of life and death and the Benin Slave Trade.

This week our focus has been ‘Family’. We have looked at what ‘family’ means, what different families look like, why families are different and that all families are different and that is ok.
We have linked this week’s art work to our understanding of ‘sense of self’ and ‘belonging’, as well as creating collage to portray our own family trees.

Year 5 Working as Artists

We have been inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club to work on portraits of our own. We took it in turns to observe and capture each other in portrait form. First we used pencil and next we experimented with using tea, coffee and soya sauce to add colour to our portraits. We had to put our trust in each other, when working as artists and as models!

Exploring Artist materials in Yr 5

This week, whist working as artists, some of us came out of our comfort zone! The classrooms were a hive of activity! We’ve been brave and collaborated on some large scale drawings and we have also been problem solving whilst continuing with our ‘Panic at the Tesco’ art project. We have explored using ink to draw with and we have made view finders to explore detail and scale.