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Working as Historians Year 3 Blog Year 3 Blog 2018 - 19

Dolphin’s Bollywood Workshop 11/3/2019

Today Dolphin class had great fun learning to do a Bollywood dance. First Tina taught us the lotus hand movements. Then she taught us how to use our whole body to do the dance. We learnt that Bollywood contains 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra. Once we had learnt the dance routine […]

Finchley’s Bollywood Workshop

Monday 11th March 2019 Hello, Today in Finchley class, we have been learning a Bollywood dance with Tina. She taught us different moves to make a routine which we will be performing for the showcase on March 27th. We learnt 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra. We found out that Bollywood dance […]

Thursday 4th March – Working as Historians

Literary historian Jeannette Baxter (Anglia Ruskin University) was back in school today to work with the children to develop their plans for the upcoming Schools Research Conference.  She worked with small groups from Y4 and Y5 in the morning and then with Y3 this afternoon.  When I spoke with her at the end of the […]

This week in Maple

Who were the Vikings? This week we have been learning about the Vikings coming to Norwich. We have looked at maps and found places that have viking endings to their names such as -by and -thorpe. We have also been learning about how the vikings traveled to England and across the world using their special […]

Date for your diary – Working as Historians Family Showcase

Hi all, On Thursday 28th March we will be opening our classrooms up to families so that they can come and learn all about the amazing historical research the children have undertaken this term as part of our Working as Historians project.  The event will run from 1.30 – 3pm.  At this stage we don’t  […]

Wednesday 27th February – Y4 visit the Bridewell Museum and Elm Hill

Today the whole of Year 4 went to the Bridewell Museum and Elm Hill in Norwich.  We did this because our project is all about The Strangers.  We brought along our sketchbooks to draw things that The Strangers used and Tudor houses, and also to write notes and record our research.  This is called carrying […]

Wednesday 27th February – Print to the People printmaking workshop

Print To The People are a Norwich-based artist-led social enterprise dedicated to the promotion and production of traditional printmaking techniques.  Today they led the first of two days of workshops as part of Y6’s Anglia Square project.  PTTP prepared silk screens using digital photographs taken by the children when they visited Anglia Square a couple […]

Friday 15th February. Y3 visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre

Today year 3 went on a trip to Norwich Millennium Library to visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre. We walked to and from the library. Each class had the opportunity to spend some time in the 8+ children’s library area. Year 3 had story time then explored the books. Some children signed up to the library […]

Year 6 – Anglia Square – 2nd site visit

As part of our follow up work, Year 6 visited Anglia Square for a second time this week. We went with the purpose of completing customer surveys, employing our new photography skills and undertaking a historical walk. Part 1 – Led by Miss Lewis, the children completed questionnaires with members of the public to help […]

Year 4’s historical morning (or, the Strangers who made this city a great city).

Today, Nelson and Armes class met an historian, called Karen, that works in the Norfolk Records Office. She came to do some activities with us about Strangers and the history of Norfolk. First, we were given half of a fact and had to find the other half. When they Strangers were in Norwich, if someone […]