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Tuesday 26th March

With the children gone for the day, the teachers stayed on to get the school ready for the big day.  Tomorrow we look forward to welcoming children and staff from Avenue Junior School as they join us for our inaugural Schools Research Conference.  

Tuesday 26th March – nearly there

Fantastic day today.  Rehearsals for the performance of Come Yew In! with Charlie; interviews with Duncan; last minute corrections, adaptations, script changes. We ended the day with a rousing performance of CYI!  We all left with smiles on our faces and that curious mixture of excitement and trepidation….

Monday 25th March – Research Conference: final preparations

Two days to go and there is a real sense of purpose around school; purpose and no small amount of panic, as the children finalise preparations for Wednesday.

Thursday 21st March – pupil lanyards for the research conference

Working as Historians – WJS gets ready for the schools research conference

Some say that it’s Wensum at it’s best.  Certainly the two weeks leading up to the end of project showcase mark a significant increase in focus, sense of purpose and urgency as children get themselves ready.  In classrooms and corridors across the school children are finishing boards, refining scripts, rehearsing, drafting and redrafting.  As American […]

Monday 11th March – Commonwealth Day flag raising

Today the School Council attended Norwich City Council’s flag raising to commemorate Commonwealth Day.  The event was lead by the Lord Mayor of Norwich Martin Schmierer.  After the Lord Mayor read the affirmation – a short speech that would have been read around the world in community and civic centres in the Commonwealth countries – […]

Dolphin’s Bollywood Workshop 11/3/2019

Today Dolphin class had great fun learning to do a Bollywood dance. First Tina taught us the lotus hand movements. Then she taught us how to use our whole body to do the dance. We learnt that Bollywood contains 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra. Once we had learnt the dance routine […]

Finchley’s Bollywood Workshop

Monday 11th March 2019 Hello, Today in Finchley class, we have been learning a Bollywood dance with Tina. She taught us different moves to make a routine which we will be performing for the showcase on March 27th. We learnt 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra. We found out that Bollywood dance […]

Thursday 4th March – Clive Lewis MP visits

A huge thanks to Norwich South Labour MP Clive Lewis @labourlewis who made time in his busy schedule to visit us and find out all about the work we are doing at Wensum. A passionate conversation about the state of education was followed by a tour of the school with a couple of our fab Yr6’s. Hopefully […]

Thursday 4th March – Working as Historians

Literary historian Jeannette Baxter (Anglia Ruskin University) was back in school today to work with the children to develop their plans for the upcoming Schools Research Conference.  She worked with small groups from Y4 and Y5 in the morning and then with Y3 this afternoon.  When I spoke with her at the end of the […]