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Homesteading Outdoor Learning Year 4: 2019 - 2020

30.10.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

We had a lovely afternoon although it was quite chilly. Today we got the clay out and tried our hand at making different things. We built dens and got out the free play things. Next week we will start looking at digging out a firepit.

Homesteading – Outdoor Art 31/10/2019

Today we did some outdoor art. It was really fun. All the groups were really creative (Lily) We used natural resources outside to make our art. (Harvey and Vinnie) We made our creations using nature all around us (Megan)

The Bunny Blog 31st October

In animal care today, we split up into groups and cleaned out our sections. We had 2 people who had the job of keeping the animals from escaping. We replaced their bedding, their hay and their straw in their boxes. They have boxes of straw for beds now, as it’s colder in the winter than […]

Wednesday 9th October – Bugman visits!

Back for a third year, Bugman Martin Rapley visited year 4 today. As part of their learning on the classification of living things, the children enjoyed a workshop where they were able to get up close and personal with a variety of amazing insects, arachnids, reptiles and a very cute little amphibian! We look forward […]

10.10.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

Today we split into 3 groups, some of us went off to garden with Pete, we are getting on amazingly with digging out our garden bed, some of us made a worm farm. Another group went and pond dipped with Sarah where we found all sorts of things. The last group stayed in the tree […]

26.9.19 Outdoor Learning Year 4

Mud glorious mud, today we looked at mud. We looked at how we could make it stick and what happened when we added water. Then we played in it. It was messy but we had a great time, we made mud food and hot chocolate (we didn’t drink it!). We also made dens and started […]

Thursday 19th September: Yr4 woodland walk

Morgan and Harvey:  On Thursday Yr 4 went to the local woodland to observe the plants that grow there, look for the habitats of different animals, and to collect anything that we wanted to observe more closely back in class.  Here are some thoughts from Nelson class. Harvey:  I wasn’t expecting to find mushrooms growing. […]

19.9.19 Year 4 Outside learning.

Today was a lovely day, we started looking at different animals and thinking about where they live, what their habitats are like and how we could help them. This sparked a lovely discussion about making habitats to help our local animals. We placed soft toys around the area to help us think about where they […]