Holt Hall Day 3

by Harvey, Jack, Vinnie, Kody, Jamie and Krzys

This morning, we packed up our stuff before breakfast. Then, we did orienteering. We had to look at maps and find things. It was great fun.

After our snack, we went and built dens in the woods. Some of ours were good, some of them not so good!

Now we are eating lunch, and we are about to go home. Holt Hall was really fun, but we did miss our families. We had great fun in the dorms with our friends, and the food was amazing! We still have energy, even though we haven’t had much sleep!

Holt Hall Day 2

by Megan, Lily W, Morgan and Anastasija

This morning, we went to the forest and practised our survival skills. We gutted fish and cut up apples, then we put tin foil on them and put them in the fire that we made. We let them roast. We ate them, and they tasted yum! Some of us weren’t big fans of the sardines, but other people loved them. It was really fun because we all made shelters and fires, and we were working together and sharing ideas.

After lunch, we went back out and went pond dipping. We saw a couple of swans, and they made a heart shape with both of their necks! We took the animals we caught in the lake back to the Big Green Lab. We looked through a microscope and some of them didn’t look real! We looked at them really carefully to see if there was anything interesting about them. We caught a water stick insect that they have only caught 3 times before! They breathe through their tails!

This evening, we are having another film night with popcorn, and doing art. Tomorrow is our last day, we wish we could spend more time here!

Holt Hall Day 1

Written by Elspeth, Dexter and Jamie.

We arrived safely at Holt Hall! When we got here, we got our things into our bedrooms, and made our beds. Then we had lunch.

After that, we went outside and looked at trees. We found a giant redwood, which was 160 years old and felt really soft!

After a snack, and a quick game of table football or pool, we went outside to look for bugs in the walled garden. We found worms, woodlice, snails, spiders, and beetles. Then we read about what they ate, and we made food chains. We learnt that if an animal is eaten, it won’t just affect that animal, it will affect the whole food chain.

After dinner, which was roast and was really good, we are having social time in the hall. We are watching a movie, or reading in the library, or telling scary stories to each other!

We feel good. It’s fun so far, but we are a bit tired! Ms Denney hopes we are going to sleep well tonight!

6.02.20 Year 4 Outdoor Learning

It was a beautiful afternoon and we enjoyed the weather. There is lots in the pond at this time of year and Sarah took us in to try and find and identify what there was. One of us caught a newt, which was very exciting. The rest of us made dens and bases, got the clay out and had fun playing on the mud hill. We had a lovely afternoon.

Tie Dye – Year 4 Homesteading

Today in homesteading group 4 started a tie dying project. (Lily W)

We used rice and marbles to make patterns in the fabric. We used elastic bands to tie the rice and marbles to the cotton fabric. (Megan)

We chose to dye our fabric blue. To make the dye we mixed the dye in warm water and then added more water and salt. (Calium)

The salt fixes the dye to the fabric (Harvey)

It was really fun using the fabric and marbles as it will make a cool pattern. (Isla)

It was really fun! I can’t wait to see the results. (Vinnie)

16.01.20 Year 4 Outdoor Learning

Wow it’s a brand new year and we got off to a busy start. Pond dipping was brilliant we found lots of things that are starting to grow, some of us found phantom midge lava, pond snails, and many other things as well. As some of us were doing that others were making an assault course through the trees or making dens out of pallets. It was a great start and although the weather was cold we had a great time.

Year 4 History Walk Thursday

We walked into the city to look for clues that told us buildings were old. We went to Elm Hill, The Cathedral, St Peter Mancroft and St Andrews.

The walk was very tiring, but it was actually very interesting as well (Isla).

As you were walking through Elm Hill, if you looked at the roofs, you would notice that one of the roofs was different. It was thatched. (Lily)

If you looked at the old buildings, you would notice that the windows were wonky because they were old. (Alfie)

When we were walking in Elm Hill, we saw wobbly buildings because the wood was on the bottom of the bricks, and the bricks were too heavy, so the wood warped. (Kacper)

When we were walking in the Cathedral, on both gates there were lots of carvings. (Morgan)

The city wall used to be around the city, and the Strangers were people who lived outside of it. There is a broken bit of wall near where Toys R Us used to be (Troy, Aron, Lily).

There were loads of streets where we normally went to, but we didn’t know they were really old (Isla)

5.12.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

It was wet and muddy today, still that meant that we had lots or gooey mud to play with, so the mud kitchen was doing well. We learnt how to make a hammock and planted some more trees. Mrs May took some us over to see the animals and we got the chickens to eat corn straight out of our hands. We enjoyed climbing and had a quick game of football. Phew it was a busy afternoon.