Phoenix class are AUTHORS!!

During the spring term, we have been reading African origin stories. We enjoyed them so much we thought we would create our own.

We talked about the importance of pictures and how they enhance the reading experience for ALL readers. So when we created our own books, we focused a lot on our illustrations and how they tell the story too.

Phoenix class have worked incredibly hard writing their books and I couldn’t be prouder of the authors they’ve become.

Parents of Phoenix members, please head over to Seesaw as you will be able to see your child read their story – enjoy!

Staying safe online – Phoenix class

This morning, during our circle we discussed online safety. Phoenix class shared all the different websites and online games they use and they were so shocked to find out their age ratings. Did you know TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and many more are 13+? Also, Roblox is age rated 10+!

We discussed that it is our own responsibility to stay safe and happy online, as well as keeping the people around us happy and safe too.

We decided ways to keep safe are:
1. Report anything that is out of the ordinary, upsetting or makes you feel uncomfortable.
2. Talk to an adult
3. Keep all personal information private
4. Only click and play on age appropriate links/games
5. Set accounts to private
6. Set parental controls
7. Only speak to friends and family online

A website that is extremely useful is: This website has age rating and reviews from children and adults. It includes – books, games, films and TV shows etc.

Council meeting – Phoenix class

Class Council: 17.03.21

Today was handover day, which means we select our new class reps and discuss the role they are going to be taking on.

Once we had used the wheel generator and found out that Ameliah, David and Amina are going to be our new reps, Leo lead the meeting to share his experiences and advice.

We discussed what the role includes and the responsibilities of the class reps. They are:

  • Listen, respond and remember
  • Eye contact
  • Working together
  • Responsible for the class
  • Bravery
  • Respect
  • Supporting one another
  • Taking turns
  • Articulate
  • Sharing ideas
  • Note taking