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Lord Mayor’s parade workshops: day 1

Day one of workshops today.  Samba on the field with Duda and Al; dance in the gym with Alysha; tower costume in the library with Ray; turtle puppet with Emma and shark puppet with Zara.  Amazing atmosphere around the school.  Children not involved in workshops today were involved in a range of ocean-themed activities and […]

Lord Mayor’s Parade Romance Event

The day has finally arrived.  Today we launched our Lord Mayor’s project with guest expert speakers (CEFAS and Norfolk Wildlife Trust) and a Q&A with our arts partners Marcus, Zara, Ray, Holly and Alysha.  The day started with an assembly where Marcus from Sistema Norwich spoke to us about the traditions of carnival and parading […]

Our first workshop! Group 3

Today, we had our first workshop with Duncan. Our aim was to be working together – being connected and aware of everyone in the group. To warm up, we had to think of different shapes and objects. In groups we used our bodies to form them. We then thought of belongings we would take on […]

Tim’s story – Nelson Working As Artists

  Over the last few weeks, we have been analysing and interpreting Tim’s story of migration, and today we go to ask him some questions about it. Tim’s story is about finding his identity and his birth mother.  He migrated from Canada, and now he lives in Norwich.  He speaks with a Canadian accent. We […]

Wednesday 1st May – Lord Mayor’s Parade planning session

Fantastic workshop with 13 children working with arts partners Zara, Marcus, Alysha and Holly to start the process of generating ideas for our parade ‘chapter’.  Within the parade theme of ‘The World Around Us’, Wensum’s chapter is entitled ‘Waves of Change’ and is all about our responsibility to create and maintain healthy oceans.  There was […]

Thursday 28th March – Family Showcase

Thanks to everyone who joined us this afternoon to celebrate the amazing achievements of our young historians.  It was a busy afternoon with packed classrooms as families sat alongside children to listen to the presentations.  One teacher commented on the lovely ‘vibe’ around school, while another reflected on how much shared joy there was in […]

Wednesday 27th March – Schools Research Conference

What an amazing day!  I’ll let the gallery do the talking, but I would just like to extend a huge thank you to Avenue Junior School who joined us for the day and both presented their historical research and listened to others present their work.  I’d also like to thank Simon, Duncan and Charlie for […]

Tuesday 26th March

With the children gone for the day, the teachers stayed on to get the school ready for the big day.  Tomorrow we look forward to welcoming children and staff from Avenue Junior School as they join us for our inaugural Schools Research Conference.  

Tuesday 26th March – nearly there

Fantastic day today.  Rehearsals for the performance of Come Yew In! with Charlie; interviews with Duncan; last minute corrections, adaptations, script changes. We ended the day with a rousing performance of CYI!  We all left with smiles on our faces and that curious mixture of excitement and trepidation….

Monday 25th March – Research Conference: final preparations

Two days to go and there is a real sense of purpose around school; purpose and no small amount of panic, as the children finalise preparations for Wednesday.