Exploring Artist materials in Yr 5

This week, whist working as artists, some of us came out of our comfort zone! The classrooms were a hive of activity! We’ve been brave and collaborated on some large scale drawings and we have also been problem solving whilst continuing with our ‘Panic at the Tesco’ art project. We have explored using ink to draw with and we have made view finders to explore detail and scale.

We are mathematicians!

This week we have played a Maths game from Somalia. It was similar to draughts but it was called ‘Pumpkin Patch’. We played against each other and tried to think strategically. Today, we continued to work together finding patterns within shapes. We used our mathematical vocabulary to explain the patterns we found.

Welcome back Year 5!

This half-term we are working as artists. We began with expressive mark-making using charcoal and pencil. We explored how different styles of music effected the drawings we made. We tried drawing with each hand and even drawing with our eyes closed. It was brilliant to be back in school, joining in together and having fun!