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Year 6: 2019 - 2020

Year 6 final days

It was lovely to have the majority of year 6s back in school. To finish the end of term, we had a barbeque and a water fight. We hope to see you one day in September when we can celebrate properly. Good luck Year 6.

13.03.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a beautiful morning and we got lots done. We planted the herbs we had harvested last year into our wild garden, we cleaned out the animals and made sure that they were warm enough. A group of us worked on making the fence around the tree circle, this taught another set of new […]

13.03.20 Year 6 Circus (Team Rocket)

We had a great time today, we played lots of games to warm up and stretch, then we went straight into the planning of our final show. We learnt that it is hard to stay in time and that we have already learnt so amazing things. We worked hard and can’t wait to show our […]

7.02.20 Year 6 Homesteading

We had loads to do and a beautiful day to do it in. We split into 3 groups, this meant we could have a group in the garden, a group digging out our beds out the front and a group dedicated to cleaning the animals out. We got loads done and the beds at the […]

7.2.20 Year 6 Circus Skills (Team Rocket)

Today we started to look at the acrobatic side of circus, we played some games and then started to work. We managed to balance on each other (it was about trust and finding the right spot). We then went on to work on tumbling. Its fun but we are beginning to realize that some things […]

24.01.20 Year 6 Circus (Team Rocket)

Today we started working wit Lost in Translation on our circus skills, we had Matt and he helped us to warm up and practice the shapes we would use. It was great fun and we finished off by making a huge pyramid. Looking forward to next week.

24.1.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a clear but cold day, so we started out early. We split into 2 groups, 1 group dug the beds at the front where we are making amazing progress. Then group 2 got to work cleaning out animals and starting to plant seedlings. It really felt that we were finally starting our gardening […]

Y6 visit Oak Circus Centre – Friday 17th January

It is now the turn of Year 6 to work with Lost in Translation. Over the next 11 weeks they will undertake training in a range of circus skills with coaches from our circus partners at Lost in Translation. At the end of term they will plan and deliver a school showcase where they can […]

6.12.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

We had a great time this week, some of us learnt how to use a flint and steel and how to make a fire that would actually stay lit. We found good sticks roasted marshmallows and then we made smores. We teamed up and made/played with the rope swings. Everyone joined in and it was […]

Science Festival day 2 – Wednesday 4th December

Following an amazing day yesterday which saw our young scientists presenting their investigations to each other, we opened our doors to inspirational scientists (educators, entertainers, experts) and families for day 2 of our festival of science. Over the course of the day, children: took part in one of four Q&As where they got to put […]