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Tuesday 23rd – Group B circus showcase

Circus skills Group B deliver a superb showcase.  Despite Mr H having lost the footage of the routines from the previous session (!!!) the three groups remembered  their routines. They dusted them off, tweaked and refined them and then delivered them with panache!  Thanks to the amazing tutors from Lost in Translation for their hard […]

Friday 19th July – it’s showtime!

The weather held this morning so we were able to walk through the performance outside. We had to tweak seating positions; get used to getting up onto the stage and back off again safely, and address the volume issues when speaking and singing outdoors.  Y1 and Y2 from Nelson Infant School were our first audience […]

Thursday 18th July – rehearsals

The weather forced us inside for our first stage of rehearsals for our show.  Duncan marked our the layout on the whiteboard before talking us through how the show will work. We then walked it through to get ourselves familiar with the sequence before we topped and tailed each element to get used to the […]

Anglia Square – A Love Story. Dream it, plan it, achieve it – Project reflection

Where do I start… well to be very precise, the story started for us on the 29th March 2018. This is my reflection and a timeline of our project. I hope that it shares our work and gives you a better understanding of how we get from a dream to achieving! Rob March 2018 It was […]

Tuesday 16th July – CYIA! rehearsals

Just a couple of photographs from this mornings hard work.  The children are continuing their programme of half hour singing rehearsals and half hour drama rehearsals.  In the drama workshops the children were refining their interludes and learning all about voice projection Vs shouting, and the importance of stillness Vs swinging arms and fidgety feet!

Tuesday 16th July: Lord Mayor’s Parade award ceremony

As second place winners in this year’s Lord Mayor’s parade we were invited to attend a special award ceremony hosted by the Sheriff at City Hall.  The ceremony took place in the Westwick Room where we took our place alongside the other winners. We received a certificate, rosette and a prize of £200!  After the […]

Tuesday 9th July – circus showcase

The three circus skills groups from Dolphin, Armes, Turner and Sycamore held their showcase today.  They met at 11am to finalise routines and carry out last minute rehearsals then presented to the rest of the school in the main hall at 2.30pm.  Three superb routines displaying high levels of teamwork, athleticism, resilience and bravery.  A […]

Busy weekend for our young artists

Lord Mayor’s Parade and Anglia Square – a love story.  Over 85 of our kids and their families were involved in two big arts events this weekend. On Saturday afternoon, despite clouds and rain, 80 of our kids turned up on Newmarket Road ready to play their full part in the wonderful Lord Mayor’s Celebration […]

Anglo Square – a love story!

It’s show time!!! Y6’s ready for their part in the show.

Lord Mayor’s Parade – last day of preparations

Costumes, props and puppets have been allocated, named and boxed up and ready to be loaded into the van.  The tower has been disassembled and the batteries are on charge.  Final rehearsal on the playground to synch up the digital soundscapes, samba, dance and processing puppets.  It was hot, heavy work but it looked amazing. […]