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Working as Scientists Year 4 Blog 2017-18


  Nelson and Armes classes had a lovely day exploring Train Wood along Marriots Way. David from Norfolk Wildlife Trust met the first group of children to talk about some of the mammals that could be found. We opened 16 traps that had been set overnight and found four field voles. The second group set […]

Year 3 make their own teeth!

As part of our science work on the human body, we have been learning all about our teeth this week.  We have learnt how many incisors, canines and molars we have and the different jobs they do.  On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we made our own set of teeth using clay.  We had to think […]

Year 4 Search for Invertebrates

Following on from our work finding out about how animals are classified, Nelson and Armes class went out onto the field to try to find out the habitats of different invertebrates. When we got back to class, we tried to classify the animals into their smaller groups e.g. myriapod, mollusc, insect …  

Year 6 – working as scientists – Circuits

Year 6 have been looking at how electricity can provide us with the energy to complete a range of different tasks. We explored making out own circuits, how to draw scientific diagrams of circuits and creating our own information posters to share with others.

Year 6 – Working as Scientists – Exploring changes

Year 6 started their science projects by looking at how different materials react when mixed with something else. We looked at what happens when you mix bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and washing up liquid. We found some interesting results as you can see in our pictures! We then went on to look at how the […]

Year 3 Working as Scientists

Today, Year 3 tested another hypothesis: “can bigger children jump further than smaller children?”  We all measured our height and recorded it on a post-it note.  We then talked about how we could make sure the experiment was fair.  We decided to draw a line and all do a standing jump from the same line.  […]

Year 3 Working as Scientists

Today, Year 3 began to learn about testing a hypothesis. We started with the question “Do bigger children have bigger feet?”, and decided if we supported the hypothesis “Bigger children have bigger feet than smaller children”. We measured our heights, and how long our feet are, and recorded it on a post-it note. Last of […]

Year 5 Science Trip to the National Space Centre

On 26th September 2017, we went to the National Space Centre in Leicester. The children split into groups to explore exhibits about planets, space, rockets and the stars.The children watched a show in the Planetarium before heading home. Here are what some of the students thought: (More to come)   I enjoyed seeing all the […]

15th September: Year 5 Romance Event

Year 5 started to look at how they can be scientists and started to explore the topic of space. Once we had looked over the scientific process, we conducted our experiment. The ‘water bottle’ experiment explored how far a bottle would travel with different amounts of water. Our results had a few anomalies which we […]

14th September: Year 4 exploring the environment (working as Scientists)

Year 4 went out today to start their projects for working as scientists. We went pond-dipping and explored the woodlands to look for wildlife.