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Working as Scientists Year 3: 2019 - 2020

Friday 13th: Year 3 Romance Days for Working as Scientists

Our Romance days!   Firstly, we went to an assembly and Dr DNA was there (Ameliah). Dr DNA made special paper disappear by lighting it on fire (Eden). She also made some yucky, grotty cake with troll’s bogies, witches tears and unicorn poop (Olivia).  We then came back to class and conducted an experiment. We tested how many […]

Year 5 Science Project reflections

Yesterday, we spent time thinking about our Science projects, and writing a reflection.  Here is what 2 of Turner class wrote: Jayden- For my project the aspects of science I studied were vulcanology, volcanoes and rocks from volcanoes like obsidian, pumice and granite. The most interesting things I found out were: the plates slipped so […]

Wednesday 5th December: Science Fair#3

Thanks to everyone involved in making our 3rd annual science fair such an amazing success.  Friends, families, partners, visiting experts, young STEM science students from CNS and many, many more – you all came together to make this truly a day to remember, bringing to a conclusion 10 weeks of hard scientific thinking and doing.   The children […]

Science Fair – Part 3

The afternoons activities have seen lots more workshops and the chance for children to share their work and learning with others. We are all set to share our work after school so come and visit!  

Science Fair – Part 2

With workshops happening around the school including: CNS STEM students, The Planetarium, VR experiences, rainforest talks and Anglian Water – there is plenty to keep all the children busy and engaging in different areas of science.  

Science Fair – Part 1

with activities happening all around the school children are having an engaging morning. Classes have been visiting each other and seeing what each year group has been up to!

Science Fair 2018!

IT HAS ARRIVED!! Classes are ready! The visitors has arrived. Assembly is in full swing. It’s Science Fair time!!

Tuesday 4th December – we’re ready!

The day is nearly upon us.  Tomorrow sees the conclusion of 10 weeks hard work as scientists.  Your children have worked so hard and are so proud of all they have achieved.  Ms McConnell and I over heard a conversation between a child and a teacher as they walked down the corridor: “everyone’s so busy!” We […]

Monday 3rd December – two more sleeps!

Work started in the library today, moving furniture to clear space for our visitors; removing old work; tidying up; putting away books.  In amongst this children carried on with their projects.  Final preparations were being made in every classroom; in every corner; on every available surface.  Wednesday looks set to be another amazing celebration of […]

Friday 30th November – Only two days to go!

As Wednesday’s deadline looms, the pace quickens as children work hard to get the last few bits of work sorted for their projects.  Glossaries are checked, corrected, expanded.  Concepts are checked and challenged.  Reports are redrafted.  Final layouts are glued into place.  Wensum at its finest!  Enjoy the gallery.