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Working as Scientists Year 3: 2019 - 2020 Year 4: 2019 - 2020 Year 5: 2019 - 2020 Year 6: 2019 - 2020

Science Festival day 2 – Wednesday 4th December

Following an amazing day yesterday which saw our young scientists presenting their investigations to each other, we opened our doors to inspirational scientists (educators, entertainers, experts) and families for day 2 of our festival of science. Over the course of the day, children: took part in one of four Q&As where they got to put […]

Reflection of the Science Festival – Dolphin

I enjoyed listening to the questions and I got to ask a question. – Grace In the assembly I enjoyed the juggling. – Leo I liked the whip when it went bang! – Eva I liked it when Dr Ken ate fire. – Ana I found out that they were cutting down the rain forest. […]

The Science Festival

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we took part in Wensum’s Science Festival (Ameliah). We wore lanyards and had certain things on them; including where we had to go and what we were taking part in (Adriana, Jonathan and Hannah). Some of us went to the same activities (Ella), Some of us presented in Finchley class and […]

Science Festival day 1

What an amazing start to our two day festival of science. I think it is safe to say that the children were brave and articulate when they presented their investigations, and honest, kind and respectful when they were in the audience. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks and all that paid […]

Our first day at the Science Festival!

We have had a fantastic first day of our Science Festival, presenting our work and watching presentations. How we felt when presenting: I felt excited – Xena I was nervous at first, but when I did it the second time I was like ‘I’ve got this’. –Eva I was a bit worried at first but […]

Last minute preparations; one more sleep

Today was an amazing day. The atmosphere around school was extraordinary. Scripts were adjusted, polished, edited live. Rehearsals were underway around every corner. Final coats of paint were applied; display broads were tweaked; the printer ran hot! Kids and staff moved with real purpose, good humour and nervous excitement. One last walk around after school […]

Final preparations underway for science festival

Children and staff have been busy this week getting experiments recorded, investigations completed, scripts tweaked and presentations rehearsed. The atmosphere has been purposeful with children working away in classrooms, the library, art room, and even corridors.

Making our creations!

Today, we have been in the art room creating all the bits for our Science Festival. We made art work out of clay, paint and paper mache.

Science Festival Rehearsals

This afternoon we have been practising our performances for the Science Festival. We were thinking of how we can be successful and do our best. We created this success criteria: Talk loudly and clearly Be REALLY brave (We decided this is the most important) Understand what you’re talking about Be confident Pay attention Stand tall […]

Class Gallery

In preparation for the Science Festival, year 3 have been creating their project boards. As they are nearly finished, we decided to have class galleries to get helpful feedback. The children really enjoyed seeing their year groups work and receiving feedback. It definitely motivated them to keep going!