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Working as Scientists Year 5 Blog

Year 5 start to learn about earth and space

Year 5 started workings as scientists by doing activities about earth and space.  Yesterday we tested a variety of rocks using hand lenses and magnifying glasses.  We went out on the playground and used chalk to map out the solar system.  Today we watched a video about Galileo and Copernicus and had a vote about […]

Kenetic Science 14/9/2018

Today Year 3 were visited by Kenetic Science. They took part in 3 workshops focusing on digestion, skeleton and lungs. They had the opportunity to make poo, identify broken bones in x-rays, make a set of lungs and look at the vital organs of pig. This introduced our topic of the human body for the […]

Year 6 Romance Event

Today, Year 6 were introduced to two scientists from the UEA, who conducted some experiments to do with the different states of matter. Alongside this, we investigate and observed magnets, sound and electricity. More photos to come  

6th December – our second Science Fair celebrates excellence and enjoyment in science

A huge thank you to our wonderful children and staff and all our expert visitors who came together today to make our second science fair a triumph.  Today has truly celebrated the hard work, endeavour and curiosity of our 200 young scientists. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported; it was a superb turnout.  […]

Dolphin’s Last Minute Preparations!

Dolphin class were superstars today, working really hard to add the finishing touches to their science projects. They quickly finished last-minute diagrams or fact boxes, before putting it all together on the boards. We are so proud of the results, and are looking forward to showing you all after school tomorrow!    

Monday 4th December – Wensum prepares for Wednesday

I’ll leave the gallery to tell the story of the hard work going on around school today as Wensum prepares for Wednesday.  Enjoy.  

Secret blogger: we are scientists

These young scientists were so completely absorbed in their projects today some didn’t even notice the weather. Amazing work, Wensum Scientists! We can’t wait for Wednesday….

30th November – Wensum kids step up to the challenges of the Science Fair

A wonderful couple of days with children across the school working independently on their science fair presentation reports.  I’ve been based in Finchley class, who worked non stop from 9.15 – 3.15 today. They even wanted to work through lunch!  Out and about at lunchtime I also saw some great work in Year 5.  I […]

Friday 24th November – Cooking, Forest School, Eco Council, Working as Scientists and gardening in Year 3

A wonderful end to the week with Finchley. We started the day developing our scientific drawings, closely observing, the carefully adding colour and detail.  We then divided into two groups for cooking and Forest Schools.  In cooking we worked in teams to prepare a vegetable soup.  At lunchtime, the Eco Council started to create the […]

23rd November – Finchley unleash their inner scientists

Thank you Finchley class for truly ‘working as scientists’ this week as you have prepared for the upcoming Science Fair.  Your enthusiasm, interest and hard work have astounded me as you have carried out research to answer the scientific questions you recorded with Mr Wickens.  Having spent time yesterday discussing what ‘scientific research’ might look […]