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PE and Sports Blog Year 3 Blog 2017-18

Secret Blogger – Year 3 PE

Year 3 have been enjoying the wonderful weather whilst they have been taking part in their PE lessons today! Mr Clucas and Mr Wigg were teaching throwing, rolling and catching skills outside and all of the class were really engaged and enjoying themselves. It was lovely to see children fully engaged in sport and working […]

Friday 13th October – we are gardeners

Wonderful session today digging in compost, finishing up a couple of square foot gardening beds, and understanding all about seeds.  We finished the day off with some beautiful scientific drawings of broad bean seeds.  We carefully observed some Aqua Dolce broad bean seeds before recording words to describe them.  We then created observational drawings of […]

Dolphin Class – Cooking – 13.10.2017

Today in cooking Dolphin Class made scrumptious cheese scones. We all got lovely and messy which we all enjoyed. Whilst the scones were baking in the oven we worked as a team to identify different foods to go into a healthy packed lunch. Once baked a sample was taken to Ms McConnell and she was […]

Dolphin Class – Forest School

Today at Forest School, Dolphin made gorgeous conker necklaces, explored the pond area again and found some “green spaghetti algae”, found a gigantic, fluffy caterpillar and showed excellent team work building dens. The children showed some amazing, safe pond dipping skills and some very safe tool use when making the conker necklaces. They also made […]

Year 3 make their own teeth!

As part of our science work on the human body, we have been learning all about our teeth this week.  We have learnt how many incisors, canines and molars we have and the different jobs they do.  On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we made our own set of teeth using clay.  We had to think […]

Friday 6th October – Preparing the polytunnel and choosing vegetables

Today Finchley class divided into two groups. One worked with Andy and Lucas to start moving the square foot gardening beds into the polytunnel while the other worked with Mr Hubery to use pH preference information to identify which vegetables will grow in our pH neutral (7.0) soil. The is the list we created: Artichoke […]

Dolphin Class – Forest School

Today at Forest School, Dolphin class explored the pond area! We found water beetles, algae and lots of “green slime”! We discovered what mini-beasts live underground and what grows under the soil. In the afternoon, we made “bird feeders” out of sticks, berries and string. Miss Metcalf was taught by a child how to do […]

06/10/2017 – Dolphin Class – Cooking

In cooking today Dolphin Class made delicious Banana Muffins. Everyone had lots of fun mashing, mixing and stirring our yummy muffins. Whilst the muffins where cooking we made a game about different food groups. I hope you all enjoy your banana muffins.

Dolphin Class – Forest School

  Dolphin Class Forest School Session Leading on from the popular mini-beast hunting, the children made mini-beasts out of clay and natural materials then decided to make “tree faces” out of clay, leaves, sticks and berries. They looked amazing. Climbing trees, documenting progress and becoming more resilient, the children are further discovering their boundaries and […]

29th September – What is soil and why is it important?

Finchley class had their second gardening lesson today and we were investigating soil. We wanted to find out what it was, what was in it, and why it was so important. We started by collecting soil samples from the raised beds. We then brought them back to the classroom to take a closer look, recording […]