Phoenix loved their Christmas lunch!

It is Christmas jumper day AND Christmas lunch! We listened to lots of Christmas music whilst eating our yummy lunch. We even had sprouts, thanks Victoria!! Our favourite part was the snowman biscuit, it had a marshmallow on top and was delicious. Enjoy the pictures and Merry Christmas!

This week in Thrive…

In Thrive this week we have been focusing on worries. We have shared our worries and found out they can be similar but also, very different. What we have realised is, is that everybody has worries. They all are real and can feel strange in our bodies. We can feel worries in our stomachs, in our hearts and in our minds.

First, we turned our worries into monsters. We thought about how they made us feel and then drew features to represent that. Then we thought of ways to get rid of the monster. We trapped, squashed and even stepped on them!

After that, we had a discussion about what is best for our worries. We decided that once we have spoken to someone about them, the best thing to do is not pay them much attention. We can do other things instead. We listed the different things we could be doing rather than thinking about worries and then we drew them!

Our morning at the Buddhist Centre

On a cold,cloudy Thursday morning, we went to visit the small Buddhist Centre in the city centre. When we arrived at the Buddhist Centre, we had to take our shoes off because it is relaxing, tidy and respectful, and so we could be comfortable. The first thing we did was get out red,thick comfortable mats and pillows to sit on. There was a big picture of Buddha at the back of the shrine, which was colourful and beautiful. We looked at interesting pictures of Buddha from different countries, as well as at an optical illusion which showed us that everyone gets older . We also lit candles and sweet cinnamon scented incense. Then we meditated calmly and quietly for 5 minutes, listening to the singing bowl. Afterwards, we felt really relaxed. Next we did some mindfulness activities where we had to mirror our partner. Finally we set off back to school.

Year 4 Cooking Friday 5th October

This week we made two types of pasta bake. One group made tuna pasta bake whilst the others made tomato pasta bake. To make this the children had to make white sauce from scratch and add it to pasta, sweetcorn and spring onions.  The reactions from the two sessions differed. The morning group loved the pasta bakes  but the afternoon group were not so easily impressed! Still it was  a very busy and productive day!


Armes Class Forest Schools

Today, Armes class had Forest Schools. They dug the ground and hunted for worms, climbed trees, created wonderful tree decorations with sticks and string. They also made jewellery, dens and went ponding dipping.