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Working as Scientists Year 4 Blog 2017-18


  Nelson and Armes classes had a lovely day exploring Train Wood along Marriots Way. David from Norfolk Wildlife Trust met the first group of children to talk about some of the mammals that could be found. We opened 16 traps that had been set overnight and found four field voles. The second group set […]

Year 4 Search for Invertebrates

Following on from our work finding out about how animals are classified, Nelson and Armes class went out onto the field to try to find out the habitats of different invertebrates. When we got back to class, we tried to classify the animals into their smaller groups e.g. myriapod, mollusc, insect …  

Monday 9th October – Important history work continues at after school club

Another productive and purposeful session tonight.  The four main activities continue with Year 6 working on the statements for the WW1 timeline, Year 5 working on the casualty map and the timeline for the fallen, and Year 4 working on the logbook.  Neil Storey joined us and worked with Billy and Finley on the casualty […]

Gresham School Cross Country competition 2017

Wensum Junior School headed over to Holt for the Annual Gresham school cross country competition. With 4 different races we had a range of children competing against some of the best State and Independent schools in the East of England. Notable success include: Eva Eccles – 3rd in the U9 Girls competition Billy Eccles – […]

25th September – Working as Historians club meets for the second time

To get the content onto the project website we have set up an after-school club.  We have recruited 20 young historians to get the job done by half term! Tonight our budding young historians met for the second time as they pushed forward on the work for the project website.  We have 4 groups working […]

14th September: Year 4 exploring the environment (working as Scientists)

Year 4 went out today to start their projects for working as scientists. We went pond-dipping and explored the woodlands to look for wildlife.

Week of Inspirational Maths

Today was the final day of our 5 days of Inspirational Maths. The children have investigated shape patterns, number patterns and how maths and number can be represented visually. The key messages this week have been: Brains grow and change Mistakes are powerful Our brains think about maths visually Speed is not important (thinking deeply […]