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Maths Competition!

Last Monday in assembly, we spoke about what great mathematicians have in common. These are: Being Resourceful, Being Curious, Being Collaborative, Being Resilient. The children will be practising these skills in some of their maths lessons during this half term (and throughout the year). There is a competition to design a character for each of […]

An interesting discovery…

We had a visitor in Turner Class recently… We don’t know how he got there, but he has been helped back to a more usual habitat! He had obviously heard about the amazing science that has been going on in classes!

Thursday 9th November – thanks Y5 for a wonderful day!

I had the privilege to teach Heigham class today.  We started the day in Turner Class where Miss Lewis taught a short 10 minute mini lesson to the whole of Year 5 on division before sending Heigham back to their class to work on a short independent task before break.  After break, the two classes […]

9th November – Sports Partnership and School Games Cross Country Competition

Today we took 41 amazing athletes to Earlham Park for the Annual Norwich Sports Partnership cross country event. With even more children taking part from Wensum it was a really special team – equally, our children had some of the best competition from the local schools to compete against which made it a real test […]

Year 5 trip to Cambridge

On the 7th November 2017, Year 5 went to visit 2 museums, the Sedgewick, the museum of Earth Science, and the Whipple, The history of Science. There, they had 2 workshops.One was based on rocks and what they could tell us about Earth and Space, and the other was about the history of exploring Space.

Friday 3rd November – Amazing maths working walls

These has been some powerful maths going on this week.  Standing at the school gate at the start of the day I was greeted by 3 three children who wanted to show me some maths they had done at home. This wasn’t homework; just work done because the children had been so inspired by what […]

Year 5 Parachute experiment

Year 5 did their own investigation into Parachutes. The children chose their own investigation, made their own parachutes and wrote their results and conclusion. Here are some examples the children did: Photos coming soon

Year 5 Multiplication

This week, Year 5 have been learning about multiplication and the grid method. Here’s some examples of what we have been up to:

Scale solar system

The children were asked to work in teams to draw scale model of the solar system. Using a guide, ruler and chalk, the children had to measure out the distance between each planet. The model was shrunk down to scale in order to this.  

Monday 9th October – Important history work continues at after school club

Another productive and purposeful session tonight.  The four main activities continue with Year 6 working on the statements for the WW1 timeline, Year 5 working on the casualty map and the timeline for the fallen, and Year 4 working on the logbook.  Neil Storey joined us and worked with Billy and Finley on the casualty […]