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Maths blog Year 6 Blog 2017-18

Year 6 – Ratio and fractions

Year 6 have been exploring ratio and fractions of amounts in maths this week. We have been exploring finding the ratios of different classroom items and also the ratio of children in each class. This moved on to children exploring how to find the fractions of amounts and which they would rather choose!

Year 6 – Lost in Translation – Weeks 1 and 2

We have been carrying out our first sessions in our groups for the children to experience different circus skills. There have been groups working in: juggling and hula hooping, acro-balance and tumbling. The children have been working with the professional tutors from Lost in Translation circus.

Thursday 4th January – Circus 250 gets underway at Wensum

This term’s Working as Artists project got off to a flying start today with children across the school engaged in a range of circus-themed activities.  Year 3 worked really hard in small teams to create puppet characters and a story line for a short puppet show  that they showcase to their peers tomorrow morning.  Year […]

15th December – Circus 250 gets its official press launch

Norwich’s role in next year’s nationwide Circus 250 celebrations received its official press launch in today’s Evening News.  Wensum Junior School is very excited about being part of this project when we ‘work as artists’ in the spring term.  We will be resuming our partnerships with Lost in Translation, the Puppet Theatre and Sistema for […]

6th December – our second Science Fair celebrates excellence and enjoyment in science

A huge thank you to our wonderful children and staff and all our expert visitors who came together today to make our second science fair a triumph.  Today has truly celebrated the hard work, endeavour and curiosity of our 200 young scientists. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported; it was a superb turnout.  […]

Monday 4th December – Wensum prepares for Wednesday

I’ll leave the gallery to tell the story of the hard work going on around school today as Wensum prepares for Wednesday.  Enjoy.  

Secret blogger: we are scientists

These young scientists were so completely absorbed in their projects today some didn’t even notice the weather. Amazing work, Wensum Scientists! We can’t wait for Wednesday….

Maths Competition!

Last Monday in assembly, we spoke about what great mathematicians have in common. These are: Being Resourceful, Being Curious, Being Collaborative, Being Resilient. The children will be practising these skills in some of their maths lessons during this half term (and throughout the year). There is a competition to design a character for each of […]

Y6 – Exploring how light travels and how we see things!

Year 6 have been exploring how light travels and have investigated how we see things. Small groups of children created their own periscopes and went off spying on staff around the school!

Y6 – Displaying fractions in different ways!

Year 6 having been exploring fractions this week in our maths lessons. We started this by exploring how we could display fractions in different ways using concrete materials. We used cubes, bead strings, counters, number squares and more to try and represent 3/4!