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10th March – Eco Council meets to talk composting

The Eco council met today to follow-up the visit from Norfolk County Council master composter Maria Willis last week. She had set us a task: to think about the kinds of waste we generate in school that could be composted, and how me might go about collecting and sorting it. We talked through the two different types of compost waste (green and brown), created a list for both types, and then planned out what we needed.

Green waste: grass cuttings, fresh leaves, tea bags and filter coffee, fruit scraps and raw vegetable peelings.
Brown waste: dry leaves and twigs, egg shells, paper and card.

Munir reminded us that we needed to mix green and brown 50/50 to ensure that the compost wasn’t too wet or dry. Hollie remembered that warmth was needed to get the process started. We agreed that we needed to purchase some green and brown coloured food caddies as follows:

x 2 for the staff room
x 2 for the SLT office
x 2 for the dining hall
x 2 for the cookery room

Maria is coming back on the 31st to lead a discussion on where we could place a compost bin, and to show us what a wormery is and how it works!