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5th February

The new council met for the first time today.  We will now meet as an official Golden Time group every Friday so we can really get moving on our Eco agenda.  We have just been out across the playground and field to think of ideas about how we can improve the school grounds.  Some suggestions:

Grow a garden on the field:  Dylan, Drake class.

Create a toad stool seating area on the field: Sophie, Columbus.

Add more colour to everything: Summer, Livingstone.

Add sliding glass doors to the shelter to make an outside classroom: Gracie, Vancouver.

Get better play equipment and a bigger tower.  Saul.

Mr Hubery wants a sandpit!

More seating generally: Violet, Armstrong.  (Mr H to show the council the photographs of seating made from recycled palettes)

Weaving thing redone and repaint the wooden sculptures. Summer, Livingstone.

More games marked out on the playground. Tyler, Salak.