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Friday 3rd November – Finchley’s last gardening lesson

Today saw Finchley have their last Friday gardening session. Each member of the class (including Mr Wickens) planted an Aquadulce Broad Bean seed outside the polytunnel (30cm apart, 10cm deep and protected with an open topped plastic bottle cloche.  A small group worked with Andy to finish the Finchley SFG bed and sow three squares of carrots, three of radishes and three of peas.  Lastly, we had a very dedicated team which completed the compost bin and then started the process of gathering fallen leaves.  Although Dolphin will be gardening from next week, Finchley class will still be responsible for the daily watering of their SFG bed and checking the progress of their beans.  From next week Finchley will be doing Forest Schools and cooking on Friday’s.