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Year 6 School Council and Eco Council Elections 2016/2017

Over the past few days Year 6’s have been running elections to find out who will be the Year 6 representatives for the School Council and Eco Council.

With over 20 candidates for two school council positions it was going to be a well fought battle for the right to represent the year group. All the candidates gave excellent speeches about why they should be selected and then children were given the chance to vote. This meant that a fair chance was given to all.

The same process was repeated for the Eco Council. 8 Children put themselves forward with two places available.

After counting the votes and making sure that it was a fair vote we came to the conclusion that the winning candidates were as follows:

School Council Reps:

James – Speke Class

Tom P – Sycamore Class

Eco Council Reps:

Faith – Speke Class

Oliver – Sycamore Class

Thank you to all the children that took the time and effort to prepare speeches, talk in front of all of Year 6 and made it a great election event.