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Forest School Friday – Armes Class 23th March 2018

Today, Armes Class had their very eventful, last Forest School session!

We finished whittling our sticks ready to roast our marshmallows for s’mores in the afternoon.

Whilst pond dipping, we found something very special – frog spawn! The children were fascinated by their findings and came up with lots of questions:

”Why is it like jelly?”

”What are the tiny black dots?”

The children also found tonnes of whirligig beetles, red blood worms and a water-boatman.

During the afternoon, the children made a fire, talked about what makes a fire and ate their soup around it. We discussed our favourite memories of Forest School throughout this term:

”I loved doing crafts.”

”I just loved being outside in nature!”

”Pond dipping was my favourite thing to do – I loved finding the tiny blood worms!”

”I really enjoyed carving my wand using the knife.”

Finally, they roasted their marshmallows on the fire and the children loved them!


Thank you you so much Armes Class, this term I have seen some phenomenal resilience, beautiful clay creations and some fantastic whittling and carving skills – I’m impressed and proud of how safely and carefully you have used the tools.