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Friday 4th May – Heigham class do Forest Schools

Today, Heigham class enjoyed pond dipping, den building, drawing with charcoal (that they made last week) and baking delicious cinnamon swirls on the fire.
They explored new unknown species then identified them using the key, enjoyed investigating the insects under the green, hairy algae and worked together to count how many whirligig beetles they count find!
Also, the children managed whittling their own sticks to bake their cinnamon swirls on, built and lit their own fire and learned the importance of managing their own safety. Another important skill the Year 5s have learned these past couple of weeks have been patience! It took a long time to make sure their cinnamon twirls were cooked throroughly and they have been working on this skill very carefully.
“Last week, I was really scared of the fire – this week, I finished baking my cinnamon swirl on it. I’m much less scared of it now.”
”Today, I loved trying new things!”