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The Bunny Blog 31st October

In animal care today, we split up into groups and cleaned out our sections. We had 2 people who had the job of keeping the animals from escaping. We replaced their bedding, their hay and their straw in their boxes. They have boxes of straw for beds now, as it’s colder in the winter than in the summer.
Ms Denney has given us a challenge. Our challenge is to make the bunnies tame by the end of the year. At the minute they are scared – we can tell because they back up, and they look scared, and they stop when someone big is near them.
We are going to tame them by feeding them. We need to be quiet and be still so they learn to trust us.

If you have any spare, please can you send in some fruit and veg for the rabbits. Such as: carrots, broccoli, strawberries, apple, baby sweetcorn, grapes, banana.