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Year 3 Blog

Tuesday 1st December:  Diaries into data?  More exciting than it sounds.  On Monday we completed our food diary display. We now have a complete visualisation of all the food we have eaten over the past week.  Each beautiful drawing represents one portion of food or drink.  Although there have been mutterings, suggestions, observations, and theories, we have not yet discussed whether what we have eaten has been healthy or not. We will leave that to next week when we are visited by Ruth Cooper from The Joy of Food.  Between now and then we will be turning our display data into statistical data for some REAL maths!  Mr H.DSCN1527








Monday 30th November: I emailed the literary agent for Sarah Stewart, the author of The Gardener to see if she could ask Ms Stewart if we could send her some of our writing.  If she is happy to received some of our work then I have asked for a postal address. Fingers crossed! I’ll let you know what happens.   In the mean time, let’s get those letters perfect. Mr H.

Friday 27th November was Empty Classroom Day.  Not necessarily a great day for outdoor learning, but suitably dressed (wellies, coats, scarves and some festive woolly hats!) we met in Mr Whalen’s classroom for an early morning briefing. The aim was simple:  to consolidate our current learning  on fractions by working in small groups to create a fractions wall out of any materials that could be scavenged from the field.  With this in mind we made our way across the playground to the school field and embarked upon 40 minutes of imaginative and exciting outdoor maths.  Despite damp and drizzly conditions everyone threw themselves into the task. There were some really unexpected results.  Three hoops appeared from nowhere and where filled whole, half and a quarter with leaves, and Malachi and Ella astounded with their responses – different coloured leaves collected and sorted into a whole, two halves and thirds.  Good work everyone. Fabulous session. Mr H.DSCN1488







We also continued with our Guerrilla Gardening, planting up some old tyres that had been kindly donated for the purpose. Dirty hands, happy children.  Mr H and Mr W.guerrilla gardening








Wednesday 18th November:  This morning Stark class planted for Easter!  Using the money from Guerrilla Gardening the class set out to a secret location to plant 170 daffodil bulbs.  We started by making planting sticks so we could get the measurements right (10cm deep, 10cm apart) and then set out to plant. It was a beautiful, mid-November morning.  Smiles, laughter and one bumped head, but a beautiful investment for May next year.  Mr H.