Pokemon We are scientists

Project overview

After exploring lots of areas of science, Pokemon chose to learn about different animals for their projects. We found out about habitats, their skeletons and teeth, and their diet. We did a lot of our learning through art and making. Some children did individual projects which involved more research and writing. There's even an exciting ice experiment!

We are scientists - Ted, Diego, Brendan and Charlie

Here is a montage of Charlie's, Diego's, Ted's and Brendan's individual projects. We show off our new science vocabulary as well as all of our excellent making skills.

We are scientists - Isaak

Isaak chose to research geckos and deepen his own knowledge after getting one as a pet

We are scientists - John

John chose to research ice age animals, and how they survived the cold. He demonstrates fair testing.

We are scientists - Joseph

Joseph chose to research mountain lions, and shows his skills with PowerPoint.