Year 3 We are scientists

Our Final REAL project


Over the past 3 weeks we have been working hard to create a booklet that will help to provide ideas and activities to help support the mental and physical wellbeing of those within our community.

Our final booklet draws together all of the learning that we have undertaken this term. We have been very fortunate to have worked with an array of leading experts in the fields of health and wellbeing. They have provided the children with valuable insights into the need to help support mental and physical wellbeing.

If our booklet helps to support just one person to feel better about their mental and physical wellbeing, then we have met our brief.

We hope that you enjoy our final outcome - it is a project that we are all amazingly proud of.

Project brief

To develop and deliver innovative approaches to bring about physical and mental wellbeing across the school community

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All about  our project

This term we have been learning all about how the human body works so that we can develop some practical ideas for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at home, in school and in the local community.  During our main teaching phase (what we call Precision) we have learned about the respiratory and circulatory system; the digestive system and the musculo-skeletal system, before finding our how the brain keeps everything in order.  In our project phase (we call this Generalisation) we decided to make a book to share our science learning and our suggestions and advice for improving mental and physical wellbeing.  We hope enjoy browsing and if you try any of the activities then let us know how you get on!

Questions drive our learning

Unit 1 driving question:  What happens to my body when I exercise?

Unit 2 driving question:  What is food and why do I need it?

Unit 3 driving question:  What is that feeling inside my bones?

Unit 4 driving question:  How does my body beat the bugs?

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