This week in our class

We have had the most wonderful start to the new year. Maple have worked so hard and have tried lots of new things.


In maths we have been learning about numbers. We made the numbers in lots of different ways and learnt that we can show numbers in numerals and words. We played a fun game where we had to guess what number was hiding under the squares.


Sensory circuits

We started a new activity which we will do every morning before we start our work. We will use our bodies in different ways and strengthen our muscles including our brain!


Choosing times

We worked together to build a tower out of magnets. We had to help each other and solve problems.

Hand gym

Everyday we work on making our hands and fingers stronger to help up with writing. We try to unlock all the locks quick as we can or screw in as many screws as possible. We also practice threading and use peg boards.

JB: I have enjoyed everything this week. Our classroom has moved around and I really like how it has changed.

CD: I have enjoyed everything. I really liked using loom bands and learning about the colour monster.

BC: I liked the elastic loom bands. I liked painting the colour monster suns.

LE: I have enjoyed being back at school and I have enjoyed hand gym and sensory circuits.