What do different parts of the brain do?

Maple asked the question ‘what do different parts of the brain do?’ We carried out a number of activities and tests to explore the things the brain can do.

We made brain hats that showed us the different areas of the brain and what they do.

We made electrical circuits and made our own switches to demonstrate how the brain passes messages around our bodies using electricity passed on through neurons.

We made brain biscuits and decorated them in different colours to show the different areas of the brain.

We carried out different activities to test our brains ability to taste, touch, hear and smell.

We also played a brain race game where we had to send the parts down the line and then build a puzzle of the brain. We also drew a giant man on the playground and raced around his body to send messages to different parts of the body from the brain.

At the end of the week we talked about what we had learnt and what we had enjoyed.

Matthew: one part of our brain helps us to make plans and decide what to do.

Harvey: I’ve learnt that eyes are needed to help us taste things.

Josh: I didn’t know that our brain passes messages around our body.

Zarah: We iced our biscuits different colours to show different parts of the brain.

John: Neurons send messages

Jayden: the part at the back of our brain controls eye sight. Our body sends messages to make our body move.

Nataniel: One part is called the frontal cortex and you need to use 2 parts of your brain to speak.

Dilmara: I liked our tasting investigation.


Meet the brain!

In maple class we asked the question…What do different parts of our brain do?

Me made our own brain hats and explored what different parts do.

We learnt that one part of our brain in the middle controls our breathing and our heart beating Another part helps us make sentences. Another part stores the words and a bit on the top controls our movement.

We are going to explore more of the parts and jobs of the brain over the next week.