Holt Hall Residential – Year 4

The staff at Wensum would like to thank Holt Hall staff for their incredible support and generosity to make our visit a memorable one. They went above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of our children – thank you @HoltHallNorfolk.


Day One:

After settling in to our rooms, we had a chance to explore the beautiful grounds of Holt Hall. We went on a minibeast hunt that not only included the woodland but also the lake! It was then back to the lab to use keys and microscopes to identify the creatures we had collected and take a closer look at them.


Day Two:

Today has been a busy day! We woke up to a snowy morning! Once we had fun in the snow (snowball fights!) we explored the woodlands looking for animal tracks.

After learning about the ‘Green Man’, the children collected leaves to take back to the classroom in order to make their own version from clay. The end results were amazing!


Survival skills – The camp fire provided welcome warmth! The children worked as a team to chop and cook apples on the fire and build a shelter.


Day Three:

More snow and news that we would have to stay at Holt Hall for an extra day. Thankfully the kitchen staff were on hand to make sure that we did not go hungry in the evening. Some of the children tried quiche for the first time – it was delicious!

Julia had stayed over night to ensure that we had plenty to keep us busy and learning. After finding animal tracks (including squirrel) and rolling around in the snow, we used a variety of different thermometers to take the temperature around the grounds.

Back in the warmth to develop our art and craft skills – creating dream catchers using willow branches as a frame.


Day Four:

We were given the news at breakfast that there would be minibuses arriving to take us home. We had one final chance to get outside and build a snowman before we journeyed back to Norwich.