Thursday 22nd February – we work as mathematicians

Wonderful maths work today.  Students from The Norwich School were in to work with Year 4, playing maths games with them to boost fluency.  Year 5 were continuing their work on angles and Year 3 were exploring strategies for subtracting small numbers from larger numbers.  Great to see such engagement and enjoyment in maths.  A big thanks to the Norwich School for their on-going work with us.  Enjoy the gallery.


Number Sandwiches

On Thursday 4th January, Y4 had a go at an NRICH task entitled ‘Number sandwich’.

We were successful finding the correct sandwich for 3s and 4s but got stuck with 5s. However, the children displayed great perseverance trying to solve the problem, trying out different ideas based on ones that had failed.

This problem is a ‘live’ problem on NRICH so if you think you have found the solution, you can submit your answer.

Find the link here