Where do diamonds come from?

In maple this week we have been answering our question…Where do diamonds come from?

We have carried out some investigations to learn more about how they form. Before half term we had looked at how rocks are made and how our earth has many different layers.

How do diamonds or crystals form?

John: I learnt how to make fake diamonds.

Nataniel: I was interested to learn that diamonds grow on rocks.

Jayden: We put some Alum powder and hot water in a mug. Next we put a pipe cleaner on some thread and tied it to a pencil. We hung the pipe cleaner in the mixture and left it for 24 hours.


The next day there were crystals in the mug.


Matthew: I was interested to learn that lava helped to make diamonds.

Joshua: Diamonds don’t come out pretty and shiny or shaped, they come out bumpy and rough and they are cut using other diamonds.


Different types of rock

We used starbursts to learn about the rock cycle.

Dilmara: we opened the sweets and chopped them up and squished them together. We put it in a bag and squished them up even more. Next we melter them and waited for them to cool. The sweets were now brown and hard.

First we cut the rocks (sweets) up. This created sediment which in nature is created by wind, rain and erosion (matthew)

The sediment comes together and is compacted to for sedimentary rock.


Next with more squishing and some heat the sedimentary rock becomes metamorphic rock. (jayden and Matthew)

The rock melts with lava (Harvey) and it becomes igneous.

Some bits broke of of the igneous rock and we saw that there was more sediment so we learnt that the process can start all over again.

Natural and man made rocks

Zarah: I enjoyed finding stones. We looked for man made and natural stones.

We went out into the playground and found that not all stones and rocks are natural. We found some things such as bricks, and the road and paths are made by people. We also found lots of natural stones outside and washed them. We saw that there were lots of different types of stones with different colours and patterns in.