Were dinosaurs real?

In Maple class we answered the question…Were dinosaurs real?

We answered this question by looking at what we can learn from fossils and how fossils are made.

First we studied the process of how fossils are made and we made our own fossils using a similar process. We learnt that fossils are bones that have become rock.

Next we looked at how paleontologists find fossils. We went out side on a fossil hunt. We had to dig carefully in the soil and use tools to brush away the dirt carefully so we didn’t disturb the fossils. We drew what we found before taking the fossils out of the ground, cleaning up the fossils and then putting the bones together to create a dinosaur.


Defying gravity with bottle rockets

In maple class we asked the question: How do you build a rocket?

We researched rockets and watched rocket launches and then designed and made our own bottle rockets.

We filled the bottle with a little water and then used a pump to increase the air pressure then…..whoosh!!!!

We learnt that if we want to launch a rocket we need to beat gravity. Gravity pulls things down and we needed the air pressure and the water jet to push the rocket up.

We then drew a diagram of our test and labeled it.