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Holt Hall Day 3 by Dexter, George, Kye and Josh.

It’s our last day, and we’ve had a big day and a fun day doing survival challenges. The first thing we did was having to improve some teepees so they were more protected from the bad weather. Then we found some sticks to make a fire with. We had to cut some apples into small pieces and gut the fish. It was kind of gross but at the same time kind of fun. Then we cooked the fish and apple on the campfire, and we ate it all. The fish tasted delicious and the apple was good too. Last of all, we had flint and steel and we tried to make a spark to set cotton wool on fire.

We’ve had a lot of fun and tasty food. We are sad to go home, because we’ve had such a nice time, but also happy to see our families and pets! We definitely recommend this trip to other children, it’s the best school trip we’ve ever had.