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This week in Maple class

Working as historians 

We learnt about Roman gods and godessess and created our own top trump cards based on what we found from our research. We then enjoyed playing them during our golden time.


This week we began our museum exhibit. We are creating a applique display to show the settlers that have come to Norwich throughout history. We used natural things to create a dye for our backing cloth.

To get ready for creating our applique display we practiced our sewing skills.

We planned our applique designs by drawing them and then creating them from card.



We thought about some of our happy memories and made a sand jar using different colours to represent different memories.

We also learnt about what fairness, equality and equity mean using this picture so help show it.

LE: We made clay models of angry and sad characters

NK: We have been talking about lunch times and playtime and what is good and what we would like to be better.

MH: We learnt to sew so we could practice for making our applique display.

DV: We learnt about the Romans and how they left England to go home to rest (were called back to Rome)

JE: The Anglo-Saxons came across to England on wooden boats when the Romans left.

JB: We made a dye with onion skin, bay leaves and turmeric powder.

LE: Romans would have used it to dye their material. We are using it to make our Applique display.

ZWe: I have enjoyed doing research to answer questions like: How did they make houses?

ZWi: I enjoyed mathletics on Wednesday and on Thursday we used the interactive whiteboard to play a game where we paid for food using 10ps