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WWII Artefacts romance day 06.01.20

Year 5 had a special day where they were in groups and learnt about WWII. This particular group was learning about different historical artefacts that were used in this time.

One of the artefacts was a gas mask which people used to protect themselves from deadly gasses. The masks had special yellow bags in which to go in. When a bomb dropped it made a noise and that meant everyone had to put on their masks and go to the nearest shelter.

Another artefact shown was a metal hat worn by soldiers to protect themselves from getting hurt from explosions.

Children were sent away to safety. They often travelled with their suitcases filled with toys and necessities. We thought the children were anxious and scared to be leaving their families behind.

This was an interesting session because we learnt a lot of new information that we did not know before. We look forward to finding out more!