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Year 3 Science Fair – Day 8


Year 3 were incredibly excited today. We were lucky to speak to the wonderful Sir Norman Lamb via zoom. 

All the Year 3 children gathered in Pegasus’ classroom. The children were incredibly engaged as Sir Norman told them about his life and poignant family experiences with mental health. He explained all about why he is campaigning for better understanding into mental health and well-being and why it is so incredibly important for mental health to be addressed and supported just as much as physical health. 

Sir Norman gave the children lots of ideas of what can improve our mental well-being and how they also link to our physical well-being.

We talked about the end goal of our project – our digital well-being book- which will be accessible for all, inclusive and solely written by the Year 3 children. Sir Norman was thrilled to hear we were embarking on this project and wanted to thank us all for promoting mental health and well-being. He was very keen to write something for us to include in our book, which will be absolutely amazing!

The children did themselves, the school and their families proud today. They were respectful and articulate. There were some wonderful questions for Sir Norman from the children and they spoke with confidence and with curious minds.

After the zoom chat we split up into our classes and reflected on what was said as well as what impact Sir Norman’s ideas and discussion would have on the children personally and what we need to ensure we cover in our book.

Today was a wonderful experience for all of the children.
A huge THANK YOU to Sir Norman Lamb for taking the time to talk to us today.