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Wednesday 1st May – Lord Mayor’s Parade planning session

Fantastic workshop with 13 children working with arts partners Zara, Marcus, Alysha and Holly to start the process of generating ideas for our parade ‘chapter’.  Within the parade theme of ‘The World Around Us’, Wensum’s chapter is entitled ‘Waves of Change’ and is all about our responsibility to create and maintain healthy oceans.  There was lots of discussion between the children and the artists and we worked together to agree a main theme (impact of pollution on the oceans and what we can do about it!), before working in groups to generate initial ideas (see list below).  The artists and I were super impressed with the contributions that the children made.  As one girl left the session she came up to me and said, “Has this been work?”  Absoluetely! They worked as artists as they generated and contributed original ideas to small group discussions throughout the workshop. Topics for discussion were:

  • the tower costume that will form the centre piece for our chapter
  • ideas for costumes
  • ideas for puppets, props and structures
  • the materials we could use if our chapter is to be truly environmentally responsible.


Enjoy the gallery.